Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Burda 08-2012 #111

No, I didn’t make the top again.


So, I made the peplum top here. I finally got the skirt finished today. Whew. I think it looks so cute paired together! My school colors are purple, gold, and black so this is perfect for that!



I’ve been making a real effort to make sure the clothes I make coordinate with something else in my wardrobe. This is my Jalie top (from this post) I made recently. I love black, purple, and gold together. This skirt is really nice to wear. I mean, come on, it’s pencil skirt. They go with everything. Here’s a little bit better shot of the back. I didn’t put this outfit together because it is exactly my school colors, I like these colors together.


I posted these pictures mainly so you can see my new boots! I love them. They are made by . . . Timberland. Really? Yes, really.

Cute, yes? AND, they fit my calves!!!


I didn’t really do any detail shots of this skirt because it’s just a pencil skirt. I’ve shown you the inside, lining, zipper, and vent stuff before. I’ll just give you some highlights: fashion fabric facings attached to full lining, dark navy blue invisible zipper, vent on CB seam, two darts in the front and back for shaping, and a hand stitched hem. And a partridge in a pear treeeeeeeeeeeee.


Sewingelle said...

I am a big fan of that peplum top pattern and it looks awesome with the pencil skirt. As does all your other stuff.

I'd ignored the skirt patten because it looks so much like all the other pencil skirt patterns Burda does. But now I see I need to reconsider. Its very nicely pegged...

Rachel said...

What is the style name of those boots? I have skinny calves too and I need some to fit. BTW, you look fabulous.

Tina Boscha said...

Did you get those in the light brown available or the dark brown? I can't tell by the photos. I LOVE those boots and have trouble getting boots to fit my calves (usually they look like waders, lol). Great skirt too!