Saturday, August 31, 2013

Jalie 3245 - Raglan Tops as Pajamas



I really like the fit of this top. I made the three girls dresses out of this fabric before and they love them. This time, since it is getting chilly out, I made them matching microfleece pajama dresses with hot pink lace sleeves. It’s a whole lot of pink, let me tell you. I have yet to make this pattern for myself but I will do that soon.


I used size K for the twins (size 7) and Little One got a size H (size 4). I had to, of course, add lots of bling and sparkles. I used a sheer lace for the sleeves and used picot trim for the neck and the sleeves. I only used that treatment on the sleeves on this one. On the other ones, I just turned under and did a zigzag in hot pink. You can’t see the stitches at all.

I used this embroidery from Urban Threads. I used iron-on bling to spice it up.


I don’t own this design but it’s a cute one.


This is for one of the twins.


This has princess bling on it.


This is for Little One. She wanted a heart on her pajamas so she knows “Momma always loves her.” Awwwwwwwwwwww.


She has heart embroidery and heart bling.


To apply the trim, I sewed it RST using a zigzag stitch and then I folded it over and topstitched it from the right side.


I think it looks really cute on the sleeves.


We’ve been elbow deep in moose meat this week. My Man shot a big bull and we’ve been cutting meat. We finished vacuum packing meat today. Whew. That’s a big job. I’ve written a few posts on moose in the past. Processing the moose, information about moose, and more information about moose.



I hope to make something for myself in the next few days! I am hoping to participate in the mini-wardrobe contest. It is four garments that make four different outfits. The only thing I can figure out is two tops, a skirt, and pants. Seems kinda boring. I love to make dresses but I can’t figure out how to make a dress into a wardrobe where I would have four garments. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm . . . .


kathyh said...

I like the different blings on the girls nighties.
No moose bling?

Debbie Cook said...

I love that embroidery and bling!!

Dress + cardi/jacket + top + pants-or-skirt. You can wear the cardi/jacket with the dress and with the other two. How many outfits are you supposed to make from the pieces?

Mary Deeter said...

Gorgeous night dresses for the the bling! Congrats on the moose...that will be good eats for a long time! Hoping to send my hunny back up to BC to get another moose!

Mel.J said...

For the wardrobe, maybe a dress that you can layer a top under or over would allow the dress to function as a skirt or a dress, and then two tops + skirt/pants?

Wendy said...

Love the nightdresses, all the sparkly stuff is fun - the sort of stuff I don't get to do with only a boy :) I like the suggestion of a jacket/ cardigan that would go over a dress and go with pants and a skirt.