Monday, August 5, 2013

Jalie 2796–Running Skirt

I’ve made this skirt for my daughters twice but thought I might need my own version. I have my eyes on winter and I wanted something that would cut the wind to my chakras and still let me move. I made the front and back panel out of the Polartec Powerstretch Hardface and the sides and waistband are made out of the Nike Dri-Fit Brush-Back Knit. I love them and I think they will be super nice for running this fall.

This is me after a 3 mile run. I always were my hair like this so it doesn’t get so tangled.

This the high-waisted version of this pattern. The low-waisted waistband is about half this height.

The shorts are really comfortable. I didn’t get any cooch-crawl which I do sometimes get with other tight shorts. I love that they have no side seam.

The back has a bit of a flair which I like. In a drapier fabric, this would hang down instead of flare out.

On this pattern, you make the shorts, make the skirt, and then attach them together with the waistband. For the waistband, you want something really stretch because there are several inches of negative here. When you cut out your waistband, you may want to try in on your body first, before attaching everything.

This is the side view and my favorite part of this skirt. There are large pockets on both sides.

The pockets are large enough for me to stuff my hand in them. Jalie has you sew elastic on the top so things won’t bounce out. The way the skirt is constructed keeps the fabric there very taut so you won’t have your phone or Goo jiggling up and down. I hate that.

I used the sparkle FOE again because 1) it was sitting next to the sewing machine from this dress, 2) it’s perfect for this application, and 3) who doesn’t need some sparkle on their running stuff? What I really need to find is reflective FOE. 

My iPhone easily fits in the pocket. On one of my other (store bought) running skirts, they have a small pocket on the front of the thigh on the running shorts. I may have to add two more pockets to my running shorts. You can never have too many pockets!

These pockets are nice because you can listen to your iPhone and have your hands free.
Up next? I’m not sure. Sch_______ is looming so I’m running out of time!!!! Aaaauughghghghhhhhhh!


Kristine Balinski said...

Damn, you make running looking very attractive! But, alas, I HATE RUNNING, so you can keep looking fine and non-messy AFTER a 3-mile run. What? My tone is all wrong? Hmm... nope, I don't think so. ;P Ok, so seriously great skirt and pocket, you are fearless when it comes to these projects. Stretchy fabrics make me sweat (with nerves), but these look better than store bought!

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Awesome job on this skirt :)
Love all the details. I have the pattern and really should make it up...
Where do you get these fabrics??

Sandi Harris Shover said...

I have two store-bought running skorts and one of the Jalie skorts - the shorts on the Jalie definitely fit the best. I really need to make another pair!

Robyn said...

Just found your blog. I'm really inspired by your skill, creativity, and style. I'm newer to sewing, but I'm hooked --- I'll certainly be returning to your blog for motivation to keep improving. I want to be able to make myself a wardrobe, too!

Mamalobb said...

Have you ever found a pattern with a gussetted crotch? I love the look of these, but I would like to try it with shorts minus the center seam next to the lady parts.

Da99516 said...

I was just looking through my KwikSew patterns last night to see if any of them have that kind of seam. They don't. I was also thinking of just sewing something on after they were done and just sewing from the front side.

Joy said...

This looks fantastic! It's nice to see another version made up since these are on my list. Although...if I don't make it soon, it will be too cold to wear it...

Joy said...

Jalie 3138 has a gusseted crotch - it's a pattern for a biketard, of course, but I recently used the bottom half to make swimming shorts for one of my girls. It worked really well with the wide waistband from Jalie 3023 (swim skirt), so I imagine it'd work well with this running skirt pattern.

Stephanie said...

I am a newbie sewist. (VERY much the beginner!). How easy would you rate this pattern?

Da99516 said...

Very easy if you are using a more stable knit. If you are using a flimsy knit, I would interface edges before hemming.

Sandra L Mort said...

I desperately want something like this, though a bit longer so my knees are covered. But the pattern only goes up to 22 and I'm 26. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you so much!!!! I feel like I'm being punished for being fat by making it impossible to find clothes that I feel okay about exercising in, resulting in staying fat.... you can't win.