Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Another Jalie 3354 Leotard

I’ve made this leotard before for my daughter. But, I have made other leotards for The Cousin. The Cousin says she needs MORE. She wants them blingy, fun, and bright. That, my friends, is something I can do. Fo’ sho’.


(This is my daughter modeling The Cousin’s newest leotard – it is too big for her). Here you can see that it is leopard, pink glitter metallic, and black metallic. I think it fits all of her requirements nicely. I changed the legs to be boyshorts by looking at my other Jalie pattern. I feel like it’s a little more modest for a girl of eight. It probably doesn’t matter when you are in gymnastics.


I like that the back is a little lower while still covering everything up and not moving around. There is no chance of this slipping off a shoulder or anything.


I love the black trim/elastic pieces. It makes it very structurally stable and it also really highlights the accent fabric you use on the shoulder.




Back. Here you can see it’s a bit lower. I hope she loves it. I’ll be mailing it in the next day or two.


On a totally different note: My wonderful husband bought me a new camera lens. I think it takes delightful pictures. I’m thinking this year of doing our own holiday portrait. Do I dare? I’ll keep you posted on how that works out. I may just be setting myself up for frustration and irritation. We’ll see. We were at the park the other day. I can’t believe how big they are getting. I even got a great picture of The Boy, and I never get good pictures of him!


Up Next? I have my Burda Challenge for October all sewn up. I just need to hem it. I also made a killer t-shirt. Get it? Killer? You don’t get it right now, but you will when I show it to you!!!!

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Becky said...

Great pictures! I think you can do the holiday picture, and just about anything you set your mind to. The leotard is fabulous. Some little girl is going to be over the moon.