Sunday, October 19, 2014

Burda Challenge - Burda 10-2014 #105 Cowl-Neck Dress

I knew I would make this dress from the very first time I saw it in the Burda magazine. I love simple easy dresses like this. Put on some tights and boots and you are ready to go. This dress is just three pieces and super simple to make. Before I put all the pieces away, I plan on making another one out of stretchier fabric (and crazy print).

This fabric is wicking merino wool. It’s super cozy and warm. However, it does not have quite enough stretch for this particular pattern. Well, when you see the back you’ll know what I’m talking about. Doesn’t it look cozy and warm? It’s only 38 degrees out when I was taking these pictures. Brrrrrrrrrrr. No snow yet. Well we did get some, but it melted. That doesn’t count.


Here’s the line drawing from Burda. See? Simple cowl-neck dress. The back piece extends onto the front to make these interesting panels on the front.


You can see in particular that the arms are very tight. You can also see a drapier fabric would have been better here. The cowl-neck doesn’t want to drape beautifully. It wants to stick up. I may tack it down with a stitch or two. You can barely see that this fabric has a subtle herringbone pattern (there is still more of this fabric up on Etsy).


Here you can really see that it’s snug. I’ll still wear it certainly. I really like it, in fact. I think a stretchier fabric will be perfect. I also should add a CB seam and fix the swayback. But I won’t. I’m lazy like that.


Next up: a killer shirt. Get it? Killer? Yea, my students never think I’m funny either. This is a blood-splatter lace from JoAnn’s. It has very little stretch also. I used my Jalie 2805 t-shirt pattern to make a basic long-sleeved t-shirt out of the fabric. I made it one size larger than my normal t-shirt size.



I should have made the shirt about two inches longer. Other than that, it’s a win. My students, especially in my forensics class, will love this. I have to wear a tank or t-shirt under this as the lace is very see through. Halloween is my favorite season. Yes, season, not holiday.


Next up: I think another Burda dress. Oh, and my hand-made Halloween costumes for the children that must dress up like book characters.


Gemma said...

Gorgeous dress! And such a fun top! I too know the feeling of laughing at my own jokes at the front of the class..... I then find the fact that I'm the only one laughing hilarious and laugh even more!!!

Kristy Chan said...

Love that green herringbone fabric, it looks great made into a dress. It doesn't look too tight except around your bra strap in the back, so it's definitely wearable. In fact it's better than the majority of RTW dresses I see around the place

Linda L said...

Cute dress and top. I actually like the blood splatter top alot!

Becky said...

Oh, Dawn, I love this dress!!! I have never made a Burda pattern, but this will get me to do it. I will have to find that magazine. I also love the blood spatter lace. You have 2 winners here!

Inez said...

I love your green dress! I have that Burda, if you don't mind telling me, What size did you make and how tall are you?

Da99516 said...

I'm 5'5' and I always make a Burda size 34. This one is so tight because of the fabric.

Michelle Jimmo said...

Love the dress - I think I may have purchased some of the herringbone in brown from you a while back (will have to check stash) . I'd never wear it as a dress but a shortened top would work. Nice job on both pieces!

Katharine Cunningham-Carlot said...

Hi, that Burda dress looks smashing on you. The colour really suits you, it lights up your eyes and makes your skin glow. And you could kill two birds with one stone if you try a fitted camisole or slip under the dress, which would smooth out the back a little bit and provide some extra insulation. Thanks for showing the back view, as my RTW shirts often look like that, now I know why a BBA makes things look so much better. I thought it was just for wearing ease as I'm a bike commuter--nope, the back is a little narrow. But seriously, 98% pf people will never notice it, and with a cardigan over it no one will see it. Please do wear this beautiful dress with pride!

SewingSveta said...

I like dress even with the problems. And tights - where did you buy them(maybe online!%))

Da99516 said...

I'm not sure where I bought the tights, I've had them for years. I love them too, though, thanks!!

SewingSveta said...

I am tights-addicted!%))) Looking everywhere for them%)