Monday, October 6, 2014

Papercut Patterns - Ooh La Leggings

I really needed a quick knit project after two topstitching-intensive wool projects. Also, it’s getting chilly-willy outside. The mornings when I run are in the low 30s right now. Brrrrrrr . . . . I have this wool/nylon doubleknit that is warm, cozy, thick, and stretchy. I figured it would make great running pants. I have not taken them for a test drive yet. I ran about eight miles this morning with some lady friends, but that was before these were done. I’ll run with them tomorrow and let you know. So far though, I’m loving them. I’m wishing I would have added some black piping to the front and back seam to show off the fun seaming details. Has anyone used this type of reflective piping? Do you like it? Or, does anyone know where you can buy reflective knit fabric? I’m on the hunt.


Here’s the line drawing again. Obviously this time I made the full-length version. My other version is the 3/4 length.


I added reflective trim to these and, apparently, I’m very excited about it. Some of these pictures are taken with a flash to emphasize the reflective trim and because it’s a cold, dark day outside.


Here’s the back. I didn’t change anything on the pattern this time around. Last time I made them, they could have been a little tighter. The double knit doesn’t have quite as much stretch as the nylon I used last time. I left the pattern the same and it seems to fit better. I didn’t topstitch everything like last time, but maybe that would have helped emphasize the seaming.


Oh wait, I did change one thing. I used 1” elastic this time instead of 3/4”. Also I lowered the CF a half inch and it’s perfect now. I guess I didn’t take a picture of the front with my top up. Oops. I like the back high like this. There is nothing I hate more than my shirt puffing out and cold air getting on my lower back.


I angled the reflective trim because a) I like the look of it, and b) it is non-stretch and I figured I didn’t want it to be completely vertical since it would stop the stretch in that area. 


Here they are flat. The green/gray is the wool/nylon double knit and the black is the Nike fabric from last year. This Nike fabric has an almost-terry cloth finish on the inside.


Here are my reflective stripes. I’m almost always running the dark, so these will be helpful.


I did add small pockets the back. I basically just sewed a rectangle (with a straight stitch) with a stretchy top (zig-zag stitch) and attached it at two points. I attach it like this so the pocket can still stretch around my body. That helps keep the top closed.


It’s big enough for my iPhone in one pocket and two Gus in the other pocket. And a shout out to Salted Caramel, the best flavor of Gu out there.


I used the thinnest ribbon that is on the bottom. I ironed it on and then also stitched the two edges with black thread. These babies aren’t going anywhere.


I really and truly am searching for some reflective fabric. I’m loving all the ones on this page, but I can’t figure out if they sell to individuals or large companies. I can’t find any fabric stores that sell it either. Here is another company that sells some cool reflective fabric. However, I think they only sell it by really, really large quantities.



Kristine Balinski said...

You are awesome because... 1) these running pants rock 2) you almost make me want to be a runner (almost) 3) your skinny butt is another strong point 4) you enjoy being outside when it's in the 30s 5) you sew like a rockstar 6) you pose like a rockstar 7) you can actually pull off wearing a reflective giraffe print. Not many people can do ALL of those things!!!

Jen (NY) said...

The diagonal stripes are good. Small selection, but here's some reflective fabrics I've spotted online: and

wistllle said...

when sewing active wear, i buy from fabricline. i did a quick search on reflective material and they seem to mostly have tape and zipper but it's might be worth a look as it could be called something else.

Da99516 said...

Kristine, you crack me up.

missceliespants said...

I have a lot. But, mostly because I grab it anyplace I can. Oh!! I know where. Call SR Harris in Minnesota. They had reams of it when I was there in May. It was maybe $1 a yard. Probably closer to 50cents. Stretch, refliective piping. The other place I found some was at Pennsylvania Fabric Outlet. Two years ago, but the odds they still have some is high I think. And, finally, I bought some other stuff that looks like what you have from A Fabric Place in Baltimore. But, the sides are more knit than hard. If you tell me your email I can send you a photo. I think I bought 40 yards for $20.

Becky said...

I think Kristine covered it! You do rock, sweet pea! You don't make me want to be a runner (bad knees), but you make being athletic so attractive that you are a great role model for fitness. These leggings are fabulous. I will keep an eye out for reflective fabric. You do want fabric and not just ribbon, right?

Shelley C said...

Try the Spandex World...

Andrea Truax said...

I apologize if this is a double post, but my comment seems to have disappeared....Call Annette at Rose City Textiles (503) 224-5666 and tell her what you are looking for. I have purchased reflective trims and fabrics from her in the past. The fabric is pricey, but for making your own bias tape it goes a long way. I also like to use scraps for making reflective designs on my clothing. Your running pants are fabulous as always!

Da99516 said...

Yup, I'd rather have something I can use for knits. Something that stretches.

Ms. McCall said...

Winnie from Scruffy Badger used non-stretch reflective piping in a pair of leggings from this very same pattern - she was not happy with the result:

I've also been on the hunt for reflective fabric, and come up empty. I did manage to find some neon double knit and also some race t-shirts with reflective bits and pieces in thrift stores, but you did a better search than I because I didn't find those awesome prints that you found. For reflective tape, I bough an XL high-vis vest from Ikea for $3.99 and managed to get 3 yards of reflective tape from it, and the high-vis fabric. I'm hoping to incorporate it in to a running top soon.

CraftRage said...

That first pic made me laugh and laugh! My phone only showed a thumbnail, but for some reason your right hand, barely showing between your legs, was weirdly highlighted, and it looked like your ladybits were hanging out of your pants!!

On looking at the larger image, all I'm noticing is that you've picked a lovely color of fabric!

Da99516 said...

OMG. I never even saw my hand in the back. Now, it's all I can see. :0

disqus_IdDMWtZ2Wy said...

I admire all the things you do! I've sewn with reflective piping and reflective bands (two raincoats, only one blogged: . I love the effect and like to admire myself reflecting in lamplight :)

Denise Thompson said...

Dawn I bought this pattern because I saw your earlier post. Haven't made them yet, but I'm looking forward to it. I'm not a runner, but I might want to go walking in these. And they just look comfy! Yours are awesome!

Paulette said... owe me money....I bought the pattern. *grin*

Fabric Epiphanies said...

Very cool looking leggings. I like the contrast back. I have been admiring this pattern for a while.