Saturday, October 4, 2014

Burda Challenge - Burda 09-2014 #122 Seamed Dress

How fun is this pattern? I thought about changing it up and putting some contrast fabrics, but I chickened out in the end. Sometimes I’m not so good at the “taste factor” as Tim Gunn would say. I like BRIGHT and LOUD and METALLIC and sometimes that goes wrong quickly. I got rid of the front flounce and I changed the hem to all one length. It went together really nicely.


Oh look, black. I lightened some pictures below so you can actually see the wrinkles and pull lines. I’m nothing if not honest. Anyway, I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of this. Basic black and white. The black is a wool flannel. It’s really cozy.


Yes, there are bats everywhere in our house. I have four kids. We love bats. I can see this getting worn quite a bit like this or with a cardigan over it. (I love these boots.)


Oh look! A washed out picture! You can actually see. Obviously I added white topstitching to all the seams. I used white Gutterman upholstery thread for the topstitching. I added no SA for the length and I wacked off a good three inches for this length. I’m 5’5”, for reference.


I really like the back too. Lots of visual interest.


Here you can see the back is not flawless. It looked great until the wool caught a hint of steam from the iron. When I get new wool fabric, I always treat it by washing it gently so it won’t shrink when I’m making my garment. I’m almost 100% sure I washed this wool. It looks washed. Anyway, I am not going to unpick the zipper. Not happening. It doesn’t look this bad in real life either, I think I’m causing it to wrinkle a bit with my hands too.


I love those unusual hip darts. They are on the front and back.


Here you can see the wool shrinkage. Dammit.


But does the lining make up for it? How fun is the lining? 


If you look closely, you’ll see the lining doesn’t have as many seam lines as the dress. They have you put two of the pieces together since they are just design lines, no fitting or shaping with these pieces. Thank you Burda! This lining material was a pain in my buttocks.


Next up? Something for warm running! Maybe another pair of Oh La Leggings? It’s been getting in the low 30s at night. When I run at 5:30am, it’s cold. Flat ass cold.


Annette Untalasco said...

Dress looks great. I too wash most of my wools before sewing since I plan on washing the garment anyway. Just a suggestion that works for me, wash when planning the final garment. Waiting until I am ready to sew (muslin stage) has saved my bacon.
Not as cold in Juneau, but it's getting there. said...

i love this dress!!! you did great on the seams, i may have to do this pattern in the future!

Carolyn Norman said...

What a great dress! Love the white topstitching and the fun lining!!!

Frances said...

Love the dress and the lining.

Mrs. Smith said...

Ooooh. I love everything about this one!

Cat Does It said...

Amazeballs :o

Stephanie Esposito Schiel said...

Love the lines on the top. I think the flounce would have looked cute on the back. The top stitching really makes it stand out. The lining is awesome, too. Too bad it can't be reversible!

Melinda said...

That's a lovely dress. Classic lines with lots of style. Bummer on the shrinkage, I've had that happen too and it's not fun at all.

kbenco said...

Your dress is awesome. I adore the lining.

Chris said...

Just saw this in your 2014 round up - I love your version. I made this dress too - in black and grey mix... but think I need a black one now too :)