Sunday, October 26, 2014

Burda 10-2014 #105 Cowl-neck Dress



I made this dress again and love it! This time it fits great. The last time it was made out of a merino wool knit and there was not enough stretch. This is an ITY knit and there is plenty of stretch. I made zero fit adjustments.


See? No obvious bra lines. How much do you love this print? It’s like a sunset. I bought this in San Diego.


I didn’t even attempt to match the side seams. I don’t even think you could do it with this fabric.


I love the drape of the cowl in this fabric.


Obviously, we’ve had a sighting of “the white stuff”. This might be here to stay!


Next up? I’m going to try to knock out my November Burda so that I can be ready for the Pattern Review contest!!!


LLBB said...

Love the print placement!

kathyh said...

Fab dress. Love the charcoal tights and boots with it.

Mrs. Smith said...

Oooh, cute!

Brenda said...

Really nice! I don't think you could have done a better print placement!
And I was a little distracted by the white stuff! We put up a snow fence posts yesterday, so I told my neighbour - no snow for at least 6 weeks... yeah, right!

threadie said...

This dress is lovely on you ! Love the fabric print.

Kelley Cowley said...

Beautiful dress, Dawn. The fabric is perfect!

Becky said...

Gorgeous, Dawn! Love the style, the fabric, and the way it looks on you.

Antigone said...

love the fabric!

Kristy Chan said...

Gorgeous fabric, it looks fantastic in this style. Can't believe you have so much snow already!

Jess said...

That fabric was made for this pattern. I have a major dress crush right now.

Tomasa said...

Wow…your dress is stunning!

Ann (SewBabyNews) said...

Wow, wow, wow! I love this dress on you! You look great in snow!

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