Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New Contest - I'm IN! just introduced a new contest. It's like the British Sewing Bee. I copied the timelines from PatternReview's site:

Here is a timeline of the contest that the Contest Committee has developed.

Saturday, November 1 - First Challenge opens
Friday, November 7 - First Challenge closes- reviews due
Saturday-Sunday, November 8-9 - Voting / Judging
Sunday, November 9 - Winner(s) / Eliminations announced

Monday, November 10 - Second challenge opens
Sunday, November 16 - Second challenge closes -reviews due
Monday-Tuesday, November 17-18 - Voting / Judging
Tuesday - November 18 - Winner(s) / Eliminations announced

Wednesday, November 19 - Third Challenge opens
Tuesday, November 25 - Third Challenge closes - reviews due
Wednesday-Thursday, November 26-27 US Thanksgiving
Friday - Saturday, November 28-29 - Voting / Judging
Saturday, November 29 - Winner(s) / Eliminations announced

Sunday, November 30 - Fourth / Final Challenge opens
Saturday, December 6 - Fourth / Final Challenge closes- reviews due
Sunday-Monday, December 7-8 - Voting Judging
Tuesday, December 9 - Grand Prize Winner Announced

The Great Pattern Review Sewing Bee

I'm IN! What about you? I'm a little nervous about random challenges (what if it's something I don't want to do???) and the elimination (ack!)


Becca A said...

I'm in for the fun of joining. I'm sure I'll be eliminated right away, but I am eagerly anticipating watching the progression of the finalists. If the first challenge doesn't appeal to me I may not do more than watch.

Andrea said...

Sounds like fun. I just might give it a shot.

Kathy Sews said...

This sounds like crazy fun! I don't think I'll have the time to participate, but I surely will be watching.

marysews said...

I've joined, but have yet to find if I will be able to actually do it.

sewingtidbits said...

It looks like a lot of fun so I joined too!!

Tomasa said...

I will not join due to lack of time but I will enjoy watching!