Sunday, November 9, 2008

Not on my list . . .

Oops. So much for making a list and sticking with it. This is Ottobre 05-2008-5. Excuse the very ignored hair. It's in a pony tail and I didn't want to deal with it today.

The inside waistband is lined with black broadcloth instead of denim. I didn't want to deal with that many layers at my waist.

Back pocket detail. I'll put snaps on tomorrow after I find some jeans post-type buttons for the front fly. I want to make sure they have it in copper before I put my copper snaps on the pockets.

The back view.

The back view on me. I wish they were an inch lower on the waist.

Front details. I'll change the pockets so they don't gape next time.

On the plus side. Pants that are this high on your waist make your legs look long. I probably won't wear then with my shirts tucked in but I wanted you guys to see the details.

I made the legs flare just a bit at the bottom.

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cidell said...

Dawn! Sister! I really love these. I thought things didn't get better than your trouser jeans, but these are pretty terrific. I'm so impressed with your topstitching!

Unknown said...

No kidding, your topstitching is amazing... what's your secret? Cute back pocket details (shape of flap & stitching lines). How long does it take you (tracing to hem) to turn out a pair of pants?

mozilla said...

wow they came out looking great!! and you are right those legs make your gams look great!

mozilla said...

oops I meant to say those "pants" make your gams look great....hee hee

Gretchen the Household Deity said...

I love the shape of these! I actually think you got the waist in exactly the right place. Rises are rising these days.

Meg said...

Nice! You are one topstitching diva, aren't you?!

Janene said...

These jeans are super. My hat's off to you and your topstitching!

kasizzle said...

Love those back pockets!

Anonymous said...

I like my pants lower rise, too, but honestly, those look AWESOME on you. The high rise is in style now and those look like some I have seen. Wear them and be proud of them. You have the perfect build to wear high rise. You are really inspiring me to try my hand at pants again.

Angelia said...

Awesome pants! You did a great job on them and they make your waist look extra tiny!!