Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Burda 11-2008-126 Cozy Pants

Here are the matching pants to my BWOF sweatshirt. It is dang hard to take a picture of them because it is so dark. We are currently getting about six hours of daylight right now and all of that happens while I'm working. But, as I was explaining to another person recently, it is never dark in Alaska. In the winter we have a full-time on-duty moon and lots of snow to reflect the light. In the summer, it's just never dark. When I was 12 I went down to visit my father who lived in South Carolina. I remember stepping out on their deck at 8pm and it was inky black (weird) and hot (very weird for an Alaskan).

Anyway, here are the pants. I added about four inches to the hem at the bottom so they kind of flare at the hem.

These are my studded running shoes for those of you non-snow runners. They are four-wheeler studs that I screw into the bottom of my shoes. I used to use hex head screws from the hardware store but they round off after about 20 miles.

The pockets are nice and deep but a bit low to be totally comfortable.

The flared cuff again.

The back. You have to make sure these are snugged up with the tie or they slide really far down.

And . . . you really need the tie because they are pretty loose in the waist.

I'm work on my review and post a link once it's done.


Christina said...

I like those!

AllisonC said...

They look really great. (Now we know why you have such a trim figure - even if I was inclined to run in snow I would never have a problem with my screw heads rounding down - 20 miles is a lot!)

2BSewing: said...

Cool looking cozy pants. Looking forward to your review. Great post on Alaskan daylight...Susan

Tany said...

I must remember to sew some pants like these! They are just what I need! Your's look really great!

Amanda S. said...

This is on my to-do list as well. Yours are really cute! So, what is up with screws in tennis shoes for running on snow? Do they give better traction or something?

Ann Made Studio said...

Great style and they fit nicely!
They look like the Jalie 2445 :)

Kat said...

Dawn, great pants! BTW, where did you get the small grommets and tie?

Sue said...

My hubby reckons you need cricket shoes but they may be hard to come by in Alsaka!