Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another SWAP?

Yes, I think another SWAP is in order. I am still working away on my f-ing cold SWAP. I should have the purple jacket ready later today. I have some topstitching to do and then I'll attach the lining. After that I want an easy, fast project. Come to think of it, winter sewing is usually structured, tailored, fitted clothing which takes longer. It makes sense to do a summer and winter SWAP together so you can alternate a fast project with a long project. I don't know about you guys but after a challenging jacket I want a simple knit top. These are my Hawaii clothes. I have three pairs of shorts that I made last summer. I am not going to make any more because you only need three pairs of shorts in Alaska. I do need some cute knit tops though. Here are things I may make.

This is January 2009 BWOF.

This is from the May BWOF. I like the top and dress from this pattern. I didn't give it a second glance though until I saw this review from mikkim.

I like it as a dress too. I'll need a knit dress while I'm over there.

I'll also make the Jalie 2804 with the runched shoulders. This top fits me well and it's already traced. That's another key thing right now. I'm out of tracing paper so I can't work on my winter SWAP anyway.
Have a happy Sunday! I'll be sewing!


Anonymous said...

I have made swimsuits for my daughter when she was on the swim team in high school. You need a swimsuit elastic, Joann's had it. The swimsuit lycra I used from JoAnn faded badly in the pool chlorine. The suit couldn't be fitted until it was all DONE with the elastic in, but it fit and I saved a ton of money. Kwik sew showed you how to check measurements before cutting. You're absolutely right about 3 pairs of shorts. We visit Florida about every 3 years. I think Alaska needs summer clothes libraries where you could check out shorts and tank tops and then turn them back in! Have fun in Hawaii.
Kathy in Palmer, AK

Anonymous said...

Cute tops! but...synthetics for knit tops = SWEATY in may want cotton knits... there's a reason all those aloha shirts and mu-mu's are out of 100% cotton or silk wovens...

who worked so very hard to make "Units" (dating myself, I know) in hot pink, kelly green, black and turquoise to mix-and-match to visit the in-laws on Kauai in the early 90s...SWEATY!

Unknown said...

Great swim prints, what a find! You're so lucky to get away to Hawaii, and soon! DH will be celebrating 10 yrs in October and are trying to pick our getaway. After seeing today's weather report for Alaska (-40???), you deserve a warm vacation!

AllisonC said...

Yes I always tend to sandwich easy projects in between the more difficult or time consuming ones. An f-ing hot swap sounds much nicer to do that your cold one!

Anonymous said...

I love the pieces you have chosen. I am planning a trip to Disney World in May and I think sewing for that is what I should start thinking about. Those tops you posted would be perfect. I can't wait to see when they are finished. You always do such great work and always inspire me.