Thursday, June 25, 2009

Green Pepper #150 Children's Oregon Jacket

Okay, I finally got this puppy done. It turned out well if I do say so myself. I hope it fits until winter. He is growing like a bean. I may have to stop feeding him.

Son: Mom, why do I have to wear this. It's warm outside.
Mom: You just do. Why are your eyes all squinty?
Son: Mom, it's so bright out. I'm hot.

Son: *SIGH* Mom, why do I have to wear the hood?
Mom: Listen dammit*, just hold on a second okay?
Son: *sigh*

Son: Mom, can I go play now? The Sisters** are getting into my sand castle.
Mom: It'll just take one more second. Hang on. Do you have to be so squinty?
Son (jumping and sticking out arms at weird angles): Bttttttzzzzzz. Btttttzzzzzz. See my super ice powers??
Mom: *sigh* Hold still, one more second.

Son (attempting to run away): ICE POWERS! ICE POWERS! I'M FREEZING YOU!!!BBBBTTTTZZZZZZ! BBBBBBBZZZZTTTT! Stop you hot evil woman.
Mom (smirking and being hot): One more photo. This is the last one. bbbbzzzzzttt, yourself.
Son: AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I'm burning, I'm burning!!! She's burning me with her evil burn powers!!!!!
Construction note: I decided to add one of the hood reducers. I extended the hood several inches so it would cover more than the original version. But, I didn't know how much to extend it. So I added this contraption so we could expand it if we needed to.

Mom: Okay, this is the last one.
Son: BBBBBBBBBZZZZZZZZZZZZZTTTTTTTT. You said the last one was the last picture.
Mom: Well, hot evil ladies lie. Stand still.
Son: bbbzzt.

I did something different with the lining this time. I bagged the sleeves so I'd have an easier time with the eleastic casings. Usually I have the raw edges of the lining and the outer fabric. Because I bagged the sleeves, I have nice edges that I don't need to finish. Now, when I fold it over the make the casing, I won't be dealing with turning it under twice to finish the edge.

Here's the folded over section without the elastic. I just flipped and stitched. Much easier than flip, flip stitch especially when you are dealing with slick fabrics.
This is where the zipper, overflap, lining, and hem all meet.

I ended up using all three kinds of seam sealant. See this post for my science experiment. I used Seam Grip on the hood and neck. I figured that this would get the most wear and tear and that since it was on the anterior part of the body, it would see the most rain. I did not like working with this sealer. It is hard to apply, stinky, and gets all over everything. It also has to cure for 12 hours which puts the ky-bosch on progress. Even after it was "cured" it was very tacky. It stuck to itself and my sewing machine repeatedly. When I was putting in the zipper, it was sticking to the machine as if life depending on it. If I was using it on flat seams like a tent it would be way easier. The hood is curved and then, of course, so was the neck. If I had a child-sized dress form it would have been easier. I would have turned it inside out and pinned it to the form. Then I could have easily painted the goop on. As it was, it was sort of pinned to my duct tape double. There was a lot of fiddling and I ended up getting it on the floor once and my hands many times. I used Seam Sealer 3 on the arms and side seams. This is easy, easy to use and dries quickly. I used the K-Tape on the hood where I attached the webbing. It worked great for this.

* No, I don't really cuss at my kids. Sometimes I do feel like I should.
** My son doesn't know his sisters' names. Yes, they are identical twins. Do they look identical? Not really. Instead he calls one or both of them The Sisters. Yes, it's embarassing when he says,"Mom, The Sister in the yellow shirt kicked me!"


Rachel said...

That jacket is so cute and your little boy is adorable. BTW, where did you get the red leather in your previous post?

okie2thfairy said...

Your son is a hoot! I fell over laughing about the "sisters" comment. Clearly, he wants them to disappear sometimes. Ahhh, brotherly love!

KayY said...

This post is immensely entertaining as well as informative! Keep it up!

Vicki said...

He is so cute and you have done a wonderful job with that jacket!

barb said...

Your son is adorable and the post made me smile. Glad to know it gets hot in your neck of the woods also. The jacket looks great!!!

Mid-Life Meandering said...

My cat went running I was laughing so hard reading this post. A hot evil woman could come in handy in cold AK. The "sisters" should come meet the "girls" down here. My best friend's daughters are only called by their names when they are in trouble.

Sally said...

What a great jacket you made! I think the brother will love wearing it when it rains. ;)

gwensews said...

Great little jacket. Now, for the girls---

Amanda S. said...

You're hysterical! I hope he learns their names one of these days, LOL. Nice jacket. I haven't made anything for my boys, but I'm sure they'd do the same amount of complaining and making scrunched up faces.

Unknown said...

Coming out of lurking here....This post was so funny I even showed it to my husband.

Also, great jacket! I kick around making rain jackets for my son....then I'll find one on clearance for $5 and decide it isn't worth the trouble.

Paulette said...

I LUV your son!! He is a total crack is obvious he gets it from you!!

Unknown said...

Bzzttt, Bzzzztttttt! Evil hot woman, you made my day! Laughed out loud (a few times) and love the coat, nice job! (Fiercely hoping the July BWOF doesn't appear until at least Sunday...)

marysews said...

"hot evil ladies lie"


Gail said...

That jacket is too cute. You could add a lead to hood reducer - great for hiking?!

Sew-Ann said...

This post was a hoot. Reminds of my pain in the neck. Great conclusion also of the sealants and the entire jacket process.

Sandra said...

Honey, please, please, blur the numbers on the plate in the back of the first photo. There are just too many weirdos around and information is found out too easily. (I wanted to email you directly as to not point people to it, but I couldn't find an address)

I just love your blog, and I am a regular reader. Your posts never disappoint in entertaining me or providing sewing information. ;)

spottedroo said...

His jacket looks amazing! Very professional-looking. Hope he still fits come fall.

Lori said...

Great jacket and cute post. Your son is such a cutie.

Anonymous said...

That post was hilarious. Thanks for sharing the dialogue! Can't wait to hear what my son says when he's that age. :)

Tracy said...

I love this jacket! Although your little guy is still little, I'd like to know where to get this fabric/lining, my little guy is
6'7" and will be needing a jacket for fall.

Love the belt, does the shop have a website?

Cole's Corner said...

The coat looks awesome.

I really enjoyed your little boy, though. What a cutie. Love those superpowers!

Donna W said...

Really cute jacket and the model is even cuter.

Christy said...

I had to show my mom this post of you and your son! We were rolling! Girl sometimes they won't stop and pay attention and do what the hell you need them to until you use those words!
The jacket is great on him!