Tuesday, June 30, 2009

J. Sterns Tee #0041

Here's the J. Stern's Tee I made yesterday. It's a basic t-shirt with extra seaming details at the bust. It also has a long, curves hem at the bottom. It's about 10am here and the light isn't all that great. I mean, it's light but it's kind of blotchy because it is through the big birch trees in our yard.

I made this out of the remaining doubleknit I used on this BWOF pleated bodice dress. It's a pretty thick fabric and it wasn't a great match. It has the right amount of stretch according to the pattern envelope but it is just so thick. It's a bit tight as you can see in the photos. I made a small which is what I supposed to make according to the envelope. I may trace off the medium too. I did my typical petite 1/2" shortening between shoulders and bust. I don't think that I needed to. I think the bust seaming would look better down a 1/2" and the armhole is too tight. On a BWOF pattern, I make the armhole a bit smaller too and it's perfect. This is too snug.

Here are the swayback wrinkles. I always get these. I could put a CB seam in it but . . . well, it's just a t-shirt. You can tell it's a bit too small in the hips. I should have flared out a little bit.

See? Don't you think the seam would be better down a 1/2"? And I found that the bottom front was longer than the bodice. I stretched it to fit but that created some gathering in the top piece.

This is something that I will change if I make this again. See how long it is in the front? I'm not sure if it is supposed to be longer in the front than the back but it is. I will shorten it on the pink dotted line. Probably my swayback wrinkles are making the back a bit higher so the front looks longer. But, when I sit down, the front folds up because of my legs so it's too long anyway.

The bodice side seams.

I serged the bottom hem.

Another view of the bodice with those wrinkles. See the boat in the background? That's our ocean boat. We are headed to Homer for a week of halibut fishing.js_0041_7

I'll post a review later on PatternReview.com.


BConky said...

I bet most of your issues are because of the thick fabric. I just made a tank with a thicker fabric and didn't like it at all.

Rachel said...

I like it, and I did not notice the problems until you pointed them out. The style is really cute. How do I get that free paint program that you mentioned awhile back using to draw on your pics?

Paulette said...

Looks good....and like you said, it's just a t-shirt. If you recall, the sample you tried on was a medium...and it looked good (of course, I made it!)

And ditto....I have to do ALL of my hand stitching tonight.

Unknown said...

Cute top!

Bunny said...

Darling top. I agree that the thick fabric is contributing here.

Little Hunting Creek said...

It's cute - and I agree that a thinner rayon -lycra or cotton lycra would resolve many of these issues