Monday, June 1, 2009

What the heck is it?

Living up here and being a huntin' family, I get a lot of odd requests. This object for example. It's made out of neoprene with lycra bindings. It has a strap on the inside, also made of neoprene. It has a plastic post-type button and three holes. Guess yet?

The inside.

The outside, unbuttoned.

Does anyone know where I can find this type of button? It's just like a jeans-style post button button but it's plastic. Metal would reflect light and you don't need that when you are looking for game. Guess yet?

Here it is from the side. Hmmmm, it's almost like something should go in there.

The request was to make four of them from this sorry pair of waders. They have been used for many years and they have several un-patchable holes. I took all the fun hardware off too.

I used a China Marker, or grease pencil, to mark the outline of the "thing".

Here are the four I cut out with the strap for the inside.

Did you figure it out? It's binocular covers. The strap on the inside goes around the binoculars to hold the cover on. The regular binocular straps actually support the weight of the binoculars. This cover just keeps the twigs, dirt, rain, and sweat off the eyepieces.
After this little project, I'll be knocking out another June 2009 pleated top but this time in the form of a, well, dress. I have the perfect fabric for it!


Julia said...

You could use metal buttons and paint them so they wouldn't reflect light.

gwensews said...

Good idea Julia. Inreresting thingie! Leave it to a seamstress to figure out a contraption like that!

Miriam in KS said...

I was so wrong! I thought it was a cover for the gun stock's butt end! Because people I live with might really ask me for a cover for that...especially if the kickback was "firm".

Looks great. My mother would have asked for one for her birding excursion binoculars.

(Teehee! Still chuckling at my wrong guess!)

Bunny said...

And I have spent all these years without one of these covers! This is a great idea. Thanks, Dawn. Great thinking out of the box.

designdreamer said...

I'm so confused. Do you have 4 pair of binoculars????

Nancy Winningham said...

"knocking out" is right. I can't believe how quickly you complete things. And, the dress turned out beautifully.