Monday, June 15, 2009

Questions and Answers

Maggie has left a new comment on your post "Done, done, diggity done!": Wow, really creative pieces. I love how you make things that are not the usual stuff of "wardrobes" and yet they become a wardrobe. What pattern is the green jacket? Marguerite
Marguerite- The pattern is Simplicity 4081. Here's the blog post on it.

Mary Nanna has left a new comment on your post "Another one . . . Burda 06-2009 #101": It's got such beautiful details, what a great pattern. Next time you do a question and answer, can you please tell me how you manage to sew so much with so many commitments and other demands on your time and energy?I can't work out how you do it, so I figured you must know a magic trick.
susan has left a new comment on your post "Gifts for my son . . .": This is a serious question - when do you sew? You have a young family,work,chase bears and neighbours, your husband is away - so when do you sew? And another serious question, do you enjoy wearing what you make or is it more the making that you really enjoy? Your output is very impressive! Well done.
Mary Nanna and Susan- Sorry, no magic here. I'm a quick sewer, have pretty good spatial ability, and LOVE to sew. That, and I don't clean house. Nothing magic, sorry.

Lisette M has left a new comment on your post "Another one . . . Burda 06-2009 #101": Beautiful dress! Do you mind sharing where you found those gorgeous shoes? Thanks!
Lisette- It's my little secret until I order the patent red ones. I plan on doing that tomorrow. Bwaaaaa haaaaa haaaaa.

Alison has left a new comment on your post "Utilitarian sewing and go VOTE!": Can I ask a dumb question? (& no, that's not it LOL). What is "the slope"?
Alison- I forget that everyone doesn't know Alaska jargon. The slope is the northernmost coast of Alaska. If someone says they work on The Slope it means they work with oil. Crude oil to be exact. Well, that or natural gas. You can also be a "sloper." He works two weeks on and two weeks off, hence the blog title. It's not a knitting reference but a nod to my time management. When he's "on the slope" I seem to have a lot more time to do things. ETA: It's a two to three hour flight each way and costs the company about $800 to ship their men up there.

designdreamer has left a new comment on your post "What the heck is it?": I'm so confused. Do you have 4 pair of binoculars????
No, we only have one pair but the FIL commissioned me to make multiple cases.

I will post a little ditty about how I do the top of zippers the next time I put in a zipper. Oh and I'm embarrassed to say that several of you have given me awards and things and I haven't posted about them. I will get to that tomorrow. Sorry! I *do* really appreciate them!!!!


Vicki said...

"The slope" - I thought he must work on the side of the

Rose said...

Thanks for the A to Q. Hummn I like the idea of the slope - wish I could send hubbie for "two" (get more sewing done) and, then, enjoy him (which I do) for "two" - gonna work on my version of that!

Myra said...

Yeah, but is it two weeks or days?

Amy said...

I want to know about the shoes too, lol. They're fantastic. I'm *really* envious at the idea of the red version :)

Anonymous said...

I like your comment about not cleaning house...I too don't clean house, I do have my rare moments when I suddenly need the house to be cleanER. I have a certain threshold of how much clutter and dust I will let other people see, but my house is far from spotless. I have 2 kids, a full time job, and hobbies and my new passion : sewing, and my spouse also has hobbies. When I finally have some time for myself, cleaning is not on my top 3 choices of things to do...and my spouse is the same, but he'll do some cleaning every day, and I'll get into a once every two or three weeks let's-clean-the house rage...

I really enjoy reading your blog, and seeing the clothes you make. I really like the BWOF jacket you made as part of the pattern review contest.

Tiger Feet said...

i always thought Two on and Two off referred to your kids somehow - like two on the hip, and two walking around on their own...!

Maggie said...

Dawn, thanks for the link on the jacket. You do seem to be wonder woman to us! Glad to hear about the housework...hey something has to go.

Anonymous said...

I thought Two on two off meant Two garments on (sewed successfully) and two off (wadders)!

designdreamer said...

I was wondering about the "slope" also, and like Vicki the first thing that popped into my head was "ski slope", but I figured it was something unique to Alaska.
Does the "Two On Two Off" refer to this as well? And why does he make trips to Houston?