Sunday, April 7, 2013

Burda 04-2011 #122 Cap Sleeve Knit Top (April Burda Challenge!)

I am still debating whether to join the Pantone Color Contest. I have some ideas but I’m still thinking . . .

This knit has been sitting in my stash for a few years so I decided to made a knit top out of it. I think it’s cute but I’m not sold on it. It is two pieces (it used to be four pieces but more on that in a minute) and very easy to make. The collar is a funnel collar and the sleeves are cut-on cap sleeves with binding. It’s very red and I’m not sure it’s my red. I usually go with reds that are more in the blue range. This is very strongly in the orange-y red camp. What do you ladies think? Is it okay with my complexion?

The original had a zipper but I omitted it after reading Miss Celie’s blog about this shirt.


Usually I got for shirts that are more fitted. I kind of like this boxy, longer silhouette. Here you can see the cap sleeves and the loose front.



Here’s the shirt next to my Pantone deck so you can see it matches the Poppy Red color from Pantone. You can also see the basic shape of the top. It’s pretty straight on the sides.


Here’s the inside. The pattern originally calls for two separate facing pieces (front and back). When I traced it, I moved my shirt front piece over and just added the facings to the front and back that way. Now, the pattern is only two pieces. I did not finish the edges because that usually just adds bulk.


Here you can see the little nip I put in the CF facing. This way I’ll know which way is the front and the back. I’ve had issues with another Burda top like this and I could never figure out which way was which.


Here’s a close-up of the sleeve binding. The bindings are quite a bit smaller than the sleeve so it gives a nice gathering look on the sleeves.


Here’s the sleeve from the outside.


I’m still trying to figure out what to do for the other piece of this contest. I had the blue and linen-colored gauze fabric but I didn’t really know what to do with it. We’ll see.


Janet B said...

Cute top on you, although I think that red is overwhelming you.

crystalpleats said...

The color is so vibrant and I think it is a great shape.

wendeeflys said...

The style of the top is good on you. In the photos the colour seems to wash you out.

Lucy said...

I'm with the above commenters, I'm afraid. Poppy red is not your colour. It's a fab top though - I can see more making their way into your wardrobe!

Sofie said...

I think it's a great looking top better than I expected. I think a bright skirt would suit it better but it's good.

Chris said...

To be honest, I don't think there is anything that would not look good on that great figure of yours! But I do agree: the colour is great as such, but it does wash you out a little.
Lovely finish in the sleeves by the way!

Cocos Loft said...

I love the top and the color! how about with a white or vertical stripe bottom? something with some weight to balance the red.

SewingSveta said...

What do you mean by my complexion?%) I think you look nice in this top! I look for some time on this model too, should try this pattern, I like the sleeves%)

patsijean said...

This is a difficult shade of red for most people to wear. It does wash you out. Perhaps a scarf or a chunky necklace in a color that coordinates with your bottom piece, or is a nice contrast to the two would soften the color on you. You have made it, can submit it with your wardrobe, have had the fabric for quite a while, so OK.