Sunday, April 28, 2013

Burda 05-2013 #103 Knotted Front Knit Top

I really liked this top from the newest May Burda. I think it’s springy and fun and that’s what I need. We are slooowly making it out of winter day by day. It’s consistently been in the high 30s and low 40s so bring spring on! Anyway, where was I? Oh, this top. I thought it would be a great spring top.


My mom is here. And her friend. They “helped” do the photos. Really helpful, let me tell you.

Mom: Well, pose already.

Me: I don’t really pose. Just take the picture.

R (mom’s BFF): You want me to include your shoes? Do you really want all that stuff behind your head?

Mom: Maybe do something with your arms.

Me: Take the freaking picture.

Mom: Siiiiiiiiiiigh. I guess that will work.


Mom: Oh wow!!!! Your shoes match. Oh my gosh, hey, R, R! Get her shoes in the picture.

R: Are you sure you want all that stuff in the background? Behind your head?

Mom: Her shoes! Just get the shoes!

Me: Here, freaking take a picture of the goddamn* shoes. Here? Close enough? Take one! Kids, let’s all be part of the shoe picture. Yay!

Mom: Honey! Perfect!!!

Me: Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggghhhhhhh.


Fantastic armpit pose for you all.  I wanted to show you the result of taking the side seam up an extra inch and a half. It was really low when I followed Burda’s notches. And no, that’s not armpit hair. But, ewwwwwwwww, it looks like it doesn’t it???


Regular, normal shot. Thank you R, you came through for me. The neckline was really loose on me and I solved that by just making the SA a bit bigger on the shoulders. I did the typical 5/8” on the back but I think the SA for the front shoulders was more like 1.5”.


Boring back shot but shows you the pretty fabric. I think I’m really tired of winter because I keep picking wild colors for my projects.


Close-up of knot. This took me forever to figure out. As you look at the photo, the right hand side is one piece. That stomach flap part is a continuation of the top right piece. The left piece goes only halfway down and connects to the bottom front. So, the right side is essentially two layers and the left side bottom is just one layer.


Here’s the main problem I had. See the right side? You sew from the side seam to the middle except that you leave a small slit open at CF. Then you take the half piece and put in ON TOP of the other piece, shove it through the hole and attach it to the SA. First, you have to attach the left side to the bottom piece though.


Here’s the left piece attached to the bottom front. You only sew to the first notch though. Then the gathered section (the circled part), which looks sewed down but isn’t, goes up OVER the section that includes the belly flap. I know I’m making this confusing but the main thing to remember is that the left side goes OVER the right side. I kept trying to make it go under and it just doesn’t work. If you look at the technical drawing, you can see that is the way they did it too. Hope they pictures are somewhat helpful.

I’m not sure what I’m working on yet but it might be kid pajamas. Or maybe girl dresses.


*I never actually swear in front of my kids.


becki chitwood said...

You did a great job working out the fit. It looks well fitting and not too revealing.
The conversation is hilarious, thanks for sharing!

Nina Rolf said...

What a really beautiful top! Love the construction and the fabric. It's so funny to read your conversations, you look like you had a lot of fun:).

Karin said...

This looks fantastic! Better on you than the model in the magazine. The fabric is gorgeous, and it's so well executed. I am now inspired to try this pattern, and I appreciate you taking the time to share your tips about construction.

Angela So said...

Cute top and photoshoot!

Patricia Clements said...

I absolutely love it. I renewed my subscription a couple of weeks ago and have yet to receive this issue.

Chris said...

So good to see this on you! I love it. I've been pondering making the top for a little while, but I was not sure about the shape - it looks very loose on the Burda model. But yours is great, so I think I will give it a try. Thanks for posting the pictures - they are really useful

Elisana Alvarenga said...

lovely! i Came from burdastyle. i'm sewing my first piece from the magazine and seriously considering subscribing. thanks for the review, the top looks great.

mojo said...

Hilarious! Your family sounds like mine... :) Your blouse is gorgeous! (I like all the stuff in the background) :)

Tia Dia said...

So lovely to see this top made up in a great fabric. And your pic scenario is hilarious!

revorebs said...

what a fun post, sounds like my life :) that fabric you chose for the top really makes it look cool. thanks for sharing!

French_Seam said...

Again, your version is MUCH better than the model photo. Thank you: another pattern added to my "must sew" list