Saturday, April 27, 2013

Jalie 3243 - Pull-on Pants Alaskan Style

This is one of the Jalie patterns I bought the other day in my Jalie haul. I love the simple pattern and I love the fit of Jalie. My kids are always asking me to make them pajama pants and this is the perfect pattern for that. Of course, I could draft one from my trusty KS3234 but this is so much easier and it’s all the sizes! So far, I’ve made the size M (for size 9) and H (for a 4T). Both seem to fit well. I have my size traced out but I have not made any pants out of them.


So, I’m sort of embarrassed to post about these pants. I made them in one hour. Like, really, one hour. From tracing to hem. There are no pockets or nice stitching. Here’s how it went down.

Husband: Oh, hey, we are going clamming. Did you know kids’ rain gear was so expensive?

Me: Oh?

H: Yea, these pants were $40 and I’m not sure she’ll be able to wear them until the end of summer. They only had this size. Do you think you could whip up some rain pants that she could wear?

Me: Oh, gosh. Probably. When are you guys leaving?

H: Oh, I think the guys are getting here in about an hour.

Me: Blink, blink. Uuuuuuh.Do you mean you want a pair of pants in an hour?

H: Blink, blink. Uh, yea?

Me: [Thump, thump, thump as I run down the stairs to the basement]


The $40 pair is on the left and my pair is on the right. I didn’t have elastic that was wide enough but I made due with the 3/4” elastic I had. The pattern went together easily and I really like the contoured waist band. It seems less bulky than the waistbands you just fold under and sew.


I made them out of this fantastic Polartec fabric. I’ve used it many times and it’s freaking awesome. It has a slight amount of stretch but it’s also wind and water proof. I used it to make this vest also.


Here she is on the beach with the pants and the raincoat I made her last summer (also a Jalie pattern). I’m happy to report is was warm and dry and cozy even with the 40 degree weather and wind.


They didn’t get many clams but they did get some big ones!! And no, she didn’t really bite it. These are razor clams and yummy. I’m hoping they get a whole bucket load for me.



While the men (and cute daughter #3) went clamming, we went to the zoo and watched all the wildlife. Oh look, here’s a snow leopard. Oh wait, that’s just one of my cute daughters.


Mangy little guy.


Lots of fowl coming in the last few days.


And in other news, little girls got new cute glam haircuts and grandma’s in town so they steal her glasses.

I actually have more to show you. I have made a top and I think you’ll like it.


Kat Campbell said...

So sweet with Grandma's glasses!

I'm impressed by your one-hour pants, and I think the story that goes with it is pretty funny :-)

Becky said...

This is what happens when you are a domestic goddess. Everyone expects the impossible with no notice, and you did it! Nice job, Wonder Woman! I can't wait to see the top.

SewingSveta said...

I am waiting your top!%))