Friday, April 12, 2013

Jalie 3024 - Twice!

I’ve made this modified Jalie 3024 a couple of times before and I’ve worn them quite a bit. They are dressy enough to wear with heels and jewelry for a casual dinner but comfortable enough for me to wear them to work. I made two this week and I really like them. Well, I love one of them and I’m kind of meh on the other one. First off, I love this one. Love it. I did the same things as this dress here so one side is a v-neck and the other side is the boatneck. What I love about it is that you can reverse it and get two different looks from it. I think it looks good either way. Here’s version one with the v-neck in the front.

j_3024_1j_3024_3 (2)


And here is version two with the v-neck in the back.
j_3024_2 (2)j_3024_4 (2)


I often wear these dresses with a light jacket. I often wear this expression too while I’m at school and the boys are wielding lit Bunsen burners and alcohol. Actually, my daughter was trying to scare me so I was looking scared. Scared. People. Work with me here.
j_3024_5 (2)


Here’s the dress flat so you can see it.


I used wash away stabilizer for the coverstitched hem. The fabric was too “grabby” and kept getting stuck under the foot. This really helps the foot glide over the fabric. Then, I trimmed the stabilizer and dipped it in some hot water to get rid of the rest.
j_3024_12 (2)


Here’s the second one. I used up the remainder of this fabric (from the man-nipple shirt). I had very little so I had to piece the back. You can see in the right picture how the zigs go up and then back down over my chest. That’s because there is a seam there. It’s the best I could do. I didn’t have enough fabric to match the design between the bodice and the skirt. I think that would have made a huge difference. I think it still looks okay under the Jalie cardigan and under my jean jacket. I don’t really like the v-neck in front at all. This may become just a skirt and I’ll hack off the top.
j_3024_6 (2)j_3024_7


I used a purple picot elastic to finish the edges on the neck. I like the binding but it’s not enough to save the dress. This is wrong side.


This is right side.


What do you guys think about the purple version??


Mel J said...

IMO It's definitely better with the boatneck in front & with the cardigan. Turning it into a skirt might be worth it - I know my clothes that don't quite work don't get worn that much.

Judith said...

I think both are great - the purple one looks better with the jacket over it though, it could just be the boatneck look that makes it look softer. Great make on both ... J

Lucy said...

I really like it! I think the combination of fabric and seaming makes it look kinda funky - in a good way.

I realise you've had it a while, but where did you get the fabric from? It is awesome.

PetitePear said...

The purple one definitely works better in the boatneck. The seaming adds to the interest and made it much cooler than it would have been if you had just matched the pattern. I love it! The stripes just don't work too well with the v-neck in front, though I think it would be OK for back. I wouldn't convert it to a skirt but I probably would just use the boatneck front version.

marysews said...

I think the purple version is more tolerable than you might think, especially if you wear the boatneck in the front.

Cecelia Harris said...

I have a brand new coverstitch machine so I appreciate the tip about the wash-away stabilizer.

kathy hunter said...

you are so darling!!! I love everything you make!

Sofie said...

I like the purple one with the boat neck also and I like it better than the first one!

Stephanie Anderton said...

I love the first one, it's a great print. I prefer the boatneck purple with a cardi/jacket. The v-neck seaming seems odd to me with the diagonal print. I can see why it's such a versatile dress pattern. Great tip on the coverstitch!

rac rac said...

I really like version number one. Number two shows really funky curves all over you, especially over your chest area. Maybe is the light, but I know I don't like especial effects with my clothes. But that's just me.

Patricia Clements said...

Love version #1. I like the V-necked version of #2 because of the optical illusion of the pieced boat-necked view. That said, a skirt of the purple diagonal print might be your best bet. It is fun fabric, but perhaps not suited for this design.

Justine/ Sew Country Chick said...

I like the purple one with the boat neck too!

Elf said...

I really like it with the boat neck front because you just see the pattern and it's not 'fighting' with the purple trim :-)