Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mailman, how could you!

I never received my April BurdaStyle in the mail. What I did receive, however, was the single white piece of paper that is usually in the plastic bag with my Burda. I waited a couple of weeks to see if it was just a whoospie. But no, my Burda magazine had been swallowed up by the Lost Mail Monster (closely related to the Where the Hell Did My Other Sock Go Pixie and the I Know My Earbuds Were Here Yesterday Gremlin).  I called GLP and they “were very sorry but they were out of that issue.” Dammit! They said to call back in a few weeks to see if they had extras once the stores send back the magazine. Well, they did and so now a new, shiny, crisp April Burda is winging its way to me across the United States. It’s weird how many times I’ve thought about something so small over the last few weeks but I love my Burdas.


I love a few things in this issue too. I love this simple sleeveless sheath with the high bodice. I love this diagonally ruched knit dress. The woven tops that tie at the waist are cute too.


I really like my pale blue cropped pants and I’m getting a lot of wear out of them. Well, let’s see, I’ve worn them once since I made them but I think I will get a lot of wear out of them. I might like this pair of cropped pants as well.

I’m still pondering what to do with my Pantone Challenge fabrics. I think I have a couple good ideas but they are not quite trace-pattern-cut-fabric-go-and-be-bold ideas yet. Yet. We’ll see what happens this weekend.


Caroline Greeven said...

I know the feeling. My ex used to find it incredibly funny that I would get so undone by the non-appearance of Burda.

Kristy Chan said...

I'm always a little stressed the week that my Burda mag is due to land in my letter box - worried that someone may steal it, the cat next door shred it or it just not arrive full stop. Luckily in Australia they don't appear in shops until a month or two later so I could always buy one if needed - even if it's a crap issue I still want it!