Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jalie Cardigan - Real Pictures

First off, Jalie patterns are a bit different than before. Now there are alternating colored lines. I used size R which happened to be orange. I think of all the colors this one would have been the most hard to see because of the shade but I had no problems. It was much easier to trace. 


How fun is this cardigan? There are only three pattern pieces and the fit is, as always Jalie-perfect. I made my standard size and I’m very happy with it. I added some shoulder bling because, well, everyone needs a little shoulder sparkly. (Do you see sunglasses on my head? That’s because there is finally some damn, freaking light. Screw you dark, cold Alaskan winters!)


Up close and personal with the shoulder oooh-la-la.


I used a purple heather (Swap Meet fabric) for the main part of the body and a gray knit with Lurex (also Swap Meet) for a little added sparkle for the contrast fabric.


This pattern uses quite a bit of fabric. It’s longer plus there is that extra section that is extra wide because that is what gets folded back over to create the pocket. You can see there is a very clean finish on the inside.


If this was a Burda pattern with Burda directions tell me how to do this, I would have never understood how to construct the pocket. Instead, Jalie has very clear pictures on how to sew the pocket together.


I love this pattern. It’s a great cozy-up casual cardigan. I really like that you can add contrast fabric or not. This is definitely a pattern for more drapey knits. A knit with more body may become pretty bulky at the pocket areas. I like how the pockets drape.


I have two other things to show you too. Too tired tonight to stay up and post pictures though. You people will just have to wait.


RedPointTarilo said...

And again - I love it. I like this pattern and your interpretaiton. Wonderful!

ChaCha said...

I really like this project! It may even tempt me to check out a Jalie pattern or two. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jodie Kachkar said...

I've been anxious to see this sewn up. Looks awesome. The Jalie site says that the sleeves are designed to be worn over a sleeveless top. Did you find them particularly tight? Thanks!

Elizabeth Farr said...

The shoulder bling really makes it! I might pick up this pattern when I get the new raglan sleeve pattern Jalie just came out with too.

Jacqui said...

Cute! I'm hoping to add a seam to the back piece to use less yardage. I have the perfect sweater knit but it's 1/4 yard short.

SewingSveta said...

So cute cardigan! I like pockets.

Andrea said...

Oh such a cute cardi. I love that it has a clean finish on the inside. Is your bling iron-on? It's a nice touch.

Leuinda Fields said...

Oh my! This is so fabulous! I have to buy this and make this asap. It's perfect!

marysews said...

"you people?" I love it!

Leuinda Fields said...

Hi! I love this. Great colors. I can't wait to make my own and I mentioned this & you on my blog so I wanted to drop you a note!
Leu, Sewing in NYC