Saturday, August 23, 2014

Burda 07-2014 #118 with Jalie 3352

Shhhhhhhh, this is my July Burda Challenge! I actually did it in July, then didn’t have time to take pictures, and now it’s almost September. Yeesh. Oh well, I’ve been busy. I don’t feel that bad. My August Burda might actually be late though. I’ve been working on it, but there are many pieces. Dammit. Anyhoo, here’s this July Burda skirt and a Jalie top to go with it. I just love their dolman pattern. This time I made it with a cowl. 

Skirt first. Here’s the skirt. It’s very straight forward and easy because it’s a one-piece, elastic-waisted knit skirt. How hard is that? I’m making something challenging for my August Burda because I feel pretty lame about the difficulty level on my work lately. It’s been mostly easy-to-make knits. Although, I do live in those clothes, so I don’t feel that bad.


Here’s both pieces together. For the skirt, I used a remnant left over from this dress.



Here you can see the gathers and the ties. I worry with this fabric that it might be too suggestive of what may lie underneath, if you get my drift. However, I think it’s okay if you don’t stare at it too long. Stop looking. Really. Stop.



Here it is with the Jalie dolman top. I added the sleeves in black and a cowl neck to it for fall. I love the high-low hem.


A looooong cowl neck. Actually, that’s not the correct term is it? This is just a loooong turtleneck.


Really long. I’ve made this top multiple times and really like the fit.


I think this top works well for this skirt since the skirt is pretty snug. Anyway, love the slim line to the back of this dolman top. I love this outfit. Cute, easy, and comfortable for work. 


This is what I’m currently working on. My colors are more subdued, but not all the same either. I’m excited to get it done!


Fabric Epiphanies said...

I love what you have done with this top. I might just gave to try this!

Cat Does It said...

Love the august burda dress, but it is a challenge! Looking forward to see it :)

Kristine Balinski said...

I'm still staring... ;) Love the print and the patterns. I really need to take a cue from your sewing pics and leave the dresses behind, making more separates.

Mrs. Smith said...

Hahaha @ stop staring :)

Love both pieces especially the top. Cannot wait to see that Burda dress done up!

Teri said...

What a cute outfit. I really love that top....might have to get me that pattern.

Jacqui said...

Love the cowl neck! I'll have to borrow that feature. I have to admit I did find it suggestive... but then I tend to think like a teenage boy sometimes thanks to having four older brothers. Now that my kids are older I don't have to suppress it as much. :-)