Friday, August 15, 2014

Jalie 3355 Sweatshirt + Merino Wool

I told you guys I’ve ben sewing! Apparently, I only sew kid stuff and Jalie patterns though. Work is about to start back up though, so I’ve really been thinking about work clothes again.

Anyway, here’s a merino wool sweatshirt made out of Jalie 3355. It’s cozy warm and she loves it. This is the size 8 and it seems to be about perfect. The sleeves are a tiny bit long, but that gives her room to grow.


She’s wearing these Nike Dri-Fit pants on the bottom, so she’s really warm head to toe.


I used a Cheer iron-on sparkly embellishment. She loves it. The only thing I can help you with on the Jalie pattern is the cuffs. If you are using a non-ribbing for the cuffs, make sure you cut them a little wider. These are about 1 cm wider because they don’t stretch as much as ribbing.



Here’s the inside. I always reinforce the underarm seams with both a serger stitch and a straight stitch, just to be sure.

I made view B. I need to make a couple for myself out of this fabric too.


This is the fabric. It’s Merino Wool Polartec and I just put some on Etsy for you people!


katherine.peter said...

This is gorgeous! I love the colour on her. I need to start reinforcing the underarms...a few of my garments have been getting holes these lately.

Elizabeth Wellons said...

What a darling sweatshirt. Your little girl is growing up!