Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Jalie 3241 - Another Leotard for the Cousin

The girls have a cousin that’s in gymnastics. I’ve been making her leotards for a while now and she’s being growing out of them. This is the latest one. This is not her. This is my daughter (sorry if that wasn't clear before!). She is build much more like a gymnast in that she is muscular. The twins are more long and lanky. If I was making this for the twins, I would make it a size smaller and add a couple inches to the torso. It looks fine from the front, but the back pictures will show you why this is needed.

This one loves to model, can you tell?

This one doesn’t look so bad for the torso length, but that is because she is arching back a little. You can see that the bottom portion is already riding up a bit.

This x-back is my favorite part of this suit. Here you can see that it needs to be smaller around, but longer in length. The cousin loves these crazy patterns and helped pick out the fabric. A girl after my own heart!

Here’s the pattern again. I need to make the other version too, but I like the longer bottoms that look like shorts. I cold easily add some length to them the middle pattern. I think it would look cute with the vertical stripe going down the leg.


Lyndle said...

Damn. I think it ate my comment. Love this leotard and the choice of fabrics. I like the boy legs too, and the cross back is great. She looks *very* like her cousins... I would have picked them for sisters.
You are Da Cool Auntie!

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Another successful Jalie pattern! Very sweet. Great choice of fabric.

Becky said...

You are the cool aunt, no doubt about it!!! Cute leotard, as usual. She does look like a sister!