Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Yummy Merino Wool! Again!

I found more of this fabric. Many of you guys wanted the brown color and I got some more!!!! I have the same two colors as last time so I’m using the same post and pictures. You’ll probably remember it from earlier this year in January. This stuff sold out in less than 24 hours. You fabric-hoarders, you.


This is from the January post:

I put that fabric on Etsy. I have that Merino Wool (from the Jalie tunic) in two colors. I love the dark brown and the soft green colors.

This is Wool Plaited Polartec Powderdry. It’s a two-faced fabric (do I need to make the joke again?). One face is 100% merino wool and the back face is 100% hi-wick antimicrobial polyester. This fabric is designed to be used in athletic, sports, and outdoor wear. It is 60" wide. There is no visible shrinkage when washed in warm water and dried in a warm dryer. There is 40% stretch across the grain and 30% stretch lengthwise.

I am selling it on Etsy in 2-yard increments. If you want more or less, I can do that too. :) Isn’t it lush?

Heathered Brown


Heathered Soft Green on Etsy

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Becky said...

Last time I missed out, so this time I rushed to etsy to buy some! Thanks for sharing this, Dawn!