Monday, August 11, 2014

Jalie 3350 - Another Swimsuit

Remember this swimsuit from earlier in the summer? It’s the Jalie 3350 pattern with two variations of swimsuits.  (I feel like I’ve sewn from ALL Jalie this whole summer – they are NOT A SPONSOR).


Well, here’s the other variation. Twin #2 loves her version just as much as Twin #1 loved her version. I love that it’s pretty and sort of grown up without being too showy. I like that the legs are low and don’t show too much. They are skinny minnie’s so they are wearing a size 8 with 2” added for their loooooong torsos. Often, I can find swimsuits that fit in the length, but are too baggy around the body. Or, they fit around the body, but are too short in the torso and end up being really uncomfortable and the girls are constantly pulling them down. How cute is that cross front?


I made the straps close together on the back so that they were less likely to slip off her shoulders. I reinforced the CB and crotch with serger and zig-zag thread just so there are no oopsies.


I feel like this is closer to the real color. I love the lobsters on the suit. She loves it too.


The inside is fully lined just like the other one.


The crosses cover the topstitching that keep the seams down. Next time, I will attach the crosses to the body a little below where they are now. Sometimes, you can see a peek of the topstitching under the crosses. I think moving them down about a 1/2” will fix that.


See? I told you I’ve been sewing! Just not blogging!


katherine.peter said...

I love these! I still want to try out this pattern for myself.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Very cute!