Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hoarding Old KwikSew Patterns - Anyone else?

There was recently a post on how people kept scooping up older (the ones with the thick paper and colored lines – you know the good ones) KwikSew patterns and weren’t able to stop themselves. I went into my local sewing shop and they had some of the older ones on sale. I bought a bunch and then realized I’m a hoarder too.


Between my local store and the stupid, stupid Internet and $0.99 sales, well, here you go. My newest acquisitions. I’m not even sure I love this top, but it still came home with me.


You can never have too many knit jackets.


One of my twins wants to learn how to sew this summer and she wants to make the blue skirt below.


I’ve always really liked these tops.


Hello. Sports wear!


Why did I even buy this? Just use my Jalie TNT t-shirt and add a woven bottom to it! Although retail therapy is sometimes needed. I did read through the directions and they are interesting. That black band is a 3” wide piece of elastic!!


Another cute kid pattern although some of their fabric choices are bad. Just bad.


I love the pink top with the seam lines. The other one is like a crotch arrow.

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