Friday, July 31, 2015

Burda Challenge - 07-2015 #114 Peplum Top!

Long live the peplum! Like I’ve said before, in Alaska, fashion is late. I still have a good year or two before people are tired of peplums! Don’t judge me!

My July Burda Challenge piece came in juuuust under the wire. Phew! We’ve had company on and off for a whole month so things have been hectic at best.  *drum roll*


Isn’t there just something fun about a peplum top though? Come on, at least give me that. I think it’s really cute and it goes with my Jalie Eleonore pants (I need more of these pants).


Look how it emphasizes the waist! This is Burda 07-2015-114. There were several versions of this in the magazine. They had it with sleeves and as a dress also. Kristy from Lower Your Presser Foot made the sleeved, dress version and it’s really cute.


“Mom, I’m poofy!”


“Mom, I’ve lost my belt and don’t look so thin anymore.”


“Egads, I need to eat a small child to fill this out.”


This was a very easy top to make. There are just four pieces to trace. For some odd reason, they want you to cut the back as two pieces and sew it together even though it’s straight. Kristy picked up on this and just put the piece of the fold. I didn’t because I didn’t realize there was no shaping until it was already cut.


There’s a front and back topstitched neck facing. Everything went together well. My only alteration was my standard one which is to add one inch between the neck and bust. I leave the armholes alone though. For some reason, all my torso-longness occurs in that area. Don’t that one things makes the bust points go to the right place, the waist sit at the waist level, and the hip region actually hit the hips.


The armholes are bound and overlap the facing to help keep it under control.


There is elastic in the waist seam to keep it mostly fitted. I do love the belt when I wear it though.


I really love this top. It’s super fun to wear.


How is everyone trucking along on their Burda Challenge??


Unknown said...

Very cute! What is the fabric? It almost looks like it has a brushed surface. And the line around the bottom (hem?) ...that looks good too. I like lots of little details. Rock on Peplums!

Raquel from J.C. said...

I'm doing great with the challenge! The August issue garment is done and posted on sewing pattern review. What fabric did you use for the blouse? Love the armholes!

SmileDog Stitches said...

Super cute! After 30 years in southern California where style is more of a "thing" I moved to Wyoming. Now I can wear whatever I feel like wearing even if it's 10 years out of style! So I wear what I like. I love that!

PinhouseP said...

The peplum has been in style since the Victorian Era, so I wouldn't worry about being in fashion. The top looks great, and it is such a lovely color too.

beckster said...

Who cares if it is in style?! I'm serious. If I enjoy wearing something, then I wear it. I am dubious of "styling" since those are trends established by the fashion industry to get us to buy more STUFF. I think this looks so cute on you! So enjoy it as long as you can. What I want to know is what brand those sandals are. They are waaay cute, and I have been looking for sandals like that for a while.

Sue Parrott said...

Wow, is this super cute on you! I think peplums are always in style, that is if they look cute and yous does!
I love this with your Jalie jeans!! Wear this often girl!

Levone said...

I love your top! I'm still back at my March pattern, I've been distracted sewing other stuff, LOL.

Kristy Chan said...

I love your top - such a pretty colour with your Jalie pants. I agree it definitely needs the waist tie because that elastic just doesn't cinch it in enough. And for me personally peplums will never die!

Diane in London said...

I love this top. I will certainly be making it now as I have the Burda issue. BTW, you look like a Hollywood film star with the red lipstick and black hair. Great!

Mai T said...

I really like your top! Very beautiful and so are you! Thank you for sharing this post!

Heltsi said...
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Heltsi said...

I try to also make this peplum top. First I didn't had that much fabric so I need to go back to the shop and buy some more. But there wasn't that fabric anymore. So I bought something similar. Even I followed instructions I had done something wrong. My top pieces were too long (maybe I drawed pattern number 113). I added peplum hem with pins. Tadaa... I looked like a clown. :D So now I make a compromise and to implement it in my own way.

Your peplum top is amazing! (: Greetings from Finland!