Saturday, July 25, 2015

Jalie 3460 - Bella Dress for meeeeee!

How much do you love this?????????????????? I love it so much!!!!! I’ve been wanting to make myself a Bella dress for a few months now (ever since I got the little size to test on my girls). I love it, I love it, I love it. It’s so fun and girly. This fabric is pretty awesome too though.


It’s very flared. I ended up cutting off two inches off the bottom so it isn’t even as flared as it should be. Next time, I will take the two inches out of the middle of the flare so it is even more full on the bottom.


Excuse my “running hair.” This is what it looks like any time I go more than 10 miles. I braid it so it doesn’t get all tangled.


I used a Fabric Mart scuba knit for this. I wanted something that would help hold the dress out so it had that fun flair shape. Unfortunately, they have already sold out of it. This dress is very easy to make. It’s a knit princess-seamed dress with hems/neck edge that you fold down and coverstitch.




I can’t help twirling like my girls. And the nice thing with this, is that the flair stops below your butt. You can show a lot of leg, but it doesn’t really go any higher.


The back is low. That’s perfect for summer, but would be drafty in the winter. I want to make a winter version with a big slouchy cowl neck. I think the original back is really pretty though.


Are you going to make one??? Are you ? In an ITY knit (like here) the flairs are a lot less noticeable. I love it both ways.


Let’s see, changes. I shortened it to above the knee which means I lopped off two inches. I also lowered the front neck by an inch. I can see more of these in my future.


Eep! I just realized I still need to do my July Burda Challenge! We just got back from fishing so I’m behind schedule. I actually made this dress before we went to camp but had no time for pictures or blogging.


Mary Carroll said...

That is a wonderful look for you! Nice fabric too :-)

kristin at sunnysewing said...

Great dress and I love that fabric. It was sold out before I could snag any but then I got a yard in my mystery bundle!! :D

Kristine Balinski said...

You could've posted this BEFORE I placed my Jalie order, you know?! This is absolutely adorable on you, I love it, love it, love it, too!!!

Justine/sewcountrychick said...

I love it!

Sue Glas-Parrott said...

I LOVE it! The fabric is perfect and the fit is spot on! I must have this pattern!

Da99516 said...

Mwaaaa haaa haaaa, it's all part of my master plan to make you place another order!

Da99516 said...

It's fun fabric isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Test comment . . . blah, blah, blah!

Eileen said...

Wasn't sure if my comment was eaten or not:)
Love this dress! Do you think the neck will be an issue if I don't have a cover stitch machine?
One other question-you had posted once that you had lots of salmon recipes. Could you share some? My youngest just decided that she no longer eats meat. We all love salmon so I need to broaden my recipes a bit.

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Lori B said...

How much do I love this??? Let me count the ways! Super cute dress, gorgeous colours in the fabric...just lovely! Congrats.