Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Simplicity 2603 - Draped Cardigan

Wait, what? Did she say Simplicity?? Dawn said that? Yes, Dawn did. I actually sewed a Big Four (or are they the Big Five now?) pattern. Holy shit, Batman. (And why is this Etsy seller selling this pattern for $18??)


This picture is from said Etsy seller. Remember this pattern? I made two of them back in 2009 and I wear them all the time at work. They seem to be something I come back to again and again. One is a purple wool knit, and one is a black cardigan. I realize that waterfall cardigans are sooooooo 2008, but if I love it and wear it, why the hell not? Judge not, lest ye suck. Wow, less wine when I’m writing . . .


I also decided that I like this fabric and want to be bright all. the. time. Maybe I’m already sick of the Alaskan winter even though it hasn’t happened yet.


Behold the brightness.






This is a crappy wrap/tie job, but you get the idea. I often wear the two I have like this. Of course it’s not practical. Of course it will clash with about a billion things I have in my closet. I don’t care. *crossing arms like a toddler and stomping*


Sassy pants.


Okay, hahahahahhaa. This was a Best Pattern of 2009 pattern from PatternReview.com. I’m so lame.


Amy Bailes said...

Lame or not, I still wear and make waterfall cardigans for myself too. I love the print you used!

Unknown said...

Same here - I still use my 2008 pattern for a waterfall cardigan with PRIDE. You definitely are not lame but I am on the fence about the less wine with writing.....lol

SewCraftyChemist said...

Practical is OVERRATED!!!! :-)

Cute cardigan!

SewJillian said...

I love it! And waterfall cardigans are so not over. That fabric is divine and the style just perfect :)

Lyndle said...

Love it. And your blog. Why is there no pic of you stomping like a toddler? That I'd like to see.