Saturday, July 4, 2015

Jalie 3462 - Cora Running Tights/Shorts

Another Jalie winner. I know I’m super *fangirl* about Jalie, but they make FABULOUS patterns. (And what am I doing with my face here?) These are the new Cora running tights named after my own sweet Cora. She’s a runner girl like her momma. I’ll be making her a pair soon, but in pink. I need some pink athletic knit? Anyone know where I can find that?


Aren’t these very Lululemon-esque? I made these tights months ago so they are made in cold-weather fabrics. That bright blue is a Polartec fleece with b-a-r-e-l-y enough stretch so this pair of tights is snug on me. But man, are they warm in the winter. I absolutely LOVED them when it was chilly out. It’s way too hot to wear them now. I’m anxious to make a pair of shorts next!


The black at the calf is Nike Dri-Fit fabric and the grey print is the last of what I have from Funki Fabrics. The bright blue, like I said above, is a Polartec fleece.


I love that the inner fabric and calf fabric peeks out from the front.


And this pocket is amazing. I can pack this full of a load of things and it stays there. I ran with my phone, two Goos, and a car key and everything stayed put. No jiggle even when there was just a phone left.


See? My phone is in the pocket right now and there is still room!


That’s my iPhone in the pocket.


This is probably TMI, but yes, there is a crotch gusset.


This has the same great-fitting waistband as Jalie 3351, the swim shorts.


I expect to see some fab running gear from you people!


Siri Andersen said...

Those are some fabulous tights! I am grounded due to ankle injury, but those tights makes me want to run again :D The fabric combo is very fresh, and add lots of visual interest. Win!

Shirleanne said...

Wow! I love the look! I can't wait till I have this pattern. I am a new runner, so maybe this will encourage me to run if I like what I'm running in. Lol

P E Hudson said...

I too am a huge Jalie fangirl -- I love love love their patterns. This is fantastic. I wish I had your technical skills. On a side note -- I'll be in Alaska on short notice doing some teaching in Anchorage and then down to Seaward to do a glacier hike (I hope!).

Jen l said...

I just ordered this pattern, and I'm so anxious to get it made up. The tights are beautiful - and thanks for sharing the gusset - things like that are important!

Kathy Sews said...

These are KILLER!

Sue Glas-Parrott said...

I LOVE these!!! I've not made up this pattern, but now I think I MUST HAVE IT! Those are Killer! Just like Kathy said!

MushyWear said...

My pattern for these just came in the mail yesterday. I am excited to make them. Thank you for the review. I was wondering how big that pocket was. Yours look great!

LSV said...

Hey! I am just starting on my first Jalie pattern (tankini) - so excited to see how it turns out! Your pants are fabulous. Spandex by yard is where I get most of our sports/wicking fabric - no awesome prints but basic - and pink as well!

petitejosette said...

I love these tights! Very lulu-lemon-esque indeed (but with more color!). can I ask, where did you purchase the Dri-fit fabric? I'm considering trying to make a couple of running shorts for my partner, so I'm wondering where I could source the appropriate technical fabric.

Kelli said...

Growing to love Jalie more and more from reading your blog!! Just got this one in the mail so hoping to make some shorts for starters. Hope the pocket fits an iPhone 6 (drat Apple for going bigger!!) And got some new technical Funkifabric to try with it!

Kyla said...

These look amazing. I love the color combo! I just ordered my first two Jalie patterns (the running skirt and boardshorts for my guy) and I'm super excited to try both! :)

Scruffybadgertime said...

Couldn't wait to see your Coras! And they didn't disappoint. Fab colour and pattern blocking that really shows off the pattern lines.

Da99516 said...

Yay! I can't wait to se!!!

Da99516 said...

I bought the Dri-Fit wholesale by the bolt a few years ago. I still have quite a bit of Navy and a little Black.

SewJillian said...

So so great! Can I ask if you used an overlocker/serger or just a regular sewing machine? Do you find the seams chafe at all on the inside? I'm thinking of trying flatlocking the seams. Thanks so much for your advice :)