Monday, July 6, 2015

Jalie 3463 - The Anne-Marie Running Top

Here’s ANOTHER great Jalie pattern! I love, love, love this top!!! The dress is cute too, but I haven’t made one of those. For this running top, I made the version in the middle, the non-flared top. (I love the bright yellow/green back on the one of the left!!)


Okay. Wow. Apparently I’m really excited for this photo shoot. I did just run six miles which does tend to amp me up, but wow. My elbow looks like a twig that might snap off. I will make a gazillion of these tops, I can tell already. I love how the shelf bra stays inside the top and how flat the rounded v-neck stays.


It has great side coverage. I probably should have continued the black all the way down to the hem. See that red dot on my skin under my armpit? It kind of looks like I missed a piece of red thread from the top? Yea, that’s a Chigger bite from over two weeks ago in South Carolina. Those things are horrid.


Isn’t the back awesome? I love how it’s cut-out in the back, but still very supportive.


Like I said, excited. Amped. And I wanted to show you how well it let you move.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, hahahahahahahha, hahahahaha. Look at my face. I had to include this one. HAhahahahaha.


See? And it just keeps getting weirder. See the Chigger bite. Ouch! It still itches at night sometimes.




Cough, cough, ahem, okay People, back to serious business. I love this top, I really do. There is a rounded v-neck, lots of options for color blocking, a huge pocket in the back, and a supportive shelf bra (I made it even more supportive for running – I’ll talk about that in a minute).


I used Powernet in nude for the shelf bra.


For this top, there are no raw edges against your bust and back. The only raw edges are further down against your torso. It’s finished in such a way that everything is inside. The directions are good, just make sure you slow. down. and. actually. read. them. Really. To make my bra more supportive, I used a trick from Melissa over at Fehr trade. Instead of having one layer of Powernet, I used two layers. When I cut them, I cut one on the grain and the either across the grain. That way, you get twice the support and it’s not super stretchy in one direction and supportive in all directions. I ran six miles in this top this morning and it was just fine. I’m not super big up top though either, so this may or may not work for you.


Look at this big ol’ beast of a pocket. It’s got lots of room for tennis balls. Emilie says four (FOUR!!) tennis balls fit in here? I have not tried that, but I know my short-sleeved running top fit in here easily this morning with no banging around. It is too big for my phone. My phone tends to bounce around and annoy me. For larger things, though, it’s perfect!


I couldn’t handle it anymore. I’m such a dork, I crack myself up!!


Have you guys made any of the new Jalie patterns yet? I saw that Deepika made a pair of the Eleonore pants in purple!


Teri A. said...

Your top is so cool, I love it. I was so excited when I saw the previews that Jalie put out for the new patterns. This top is awesome. The possibilities are endless. I can't wait to see what else you do with it. I just purchased this and the Cora leggings. Can't wait til they get here.

Jen l said...

Waiting for this one in the mail too. Thanks for the review!

CKTALL said...

ha ha with the spiderman shot I actually expected you to stick to the fence - awesome top - you are inspiring me to begin making some workout clothing to look better during my workouts - currently the attire is a ratty tee and whatever shorts, bottoms I can find and a job bra and a hat - then off I go
But you have inspired me to look much better during my workouts yeah

Lynn said...

I just made Anne-marie in the dress in tennis whites and aqua. It fits great!

P E Hudson said...

OMG -- I love this -- I have got to get these patterns. Thanks for sharing your excellent work!

Kelli said...

Are those me-made capris too? Does the top have an unlined option...I'm one of those heavier topped folks so the shelf bras usually can't hack it...I'm better off leaving them out and using my own preferred reinforced sports bra for running if I don't want to knock myself out. Love all the color block options!!

Da99516 said...

Nah, the capris are RTW. The top doesn't have an unlined option, but it would be easy to round out the v-neck and just bind the neck and armholes like any other knit top.

Da99516 said...

I can't wait to see it! Will you post it on

Kelli said...

Yeah, I suppose...although I like the clean lines of the top without the binding finish...I'll have to think on that one. I like the seam lines and ruching on those capris...looks like they would have some intriguing design/color block options. Might have to hack those!!!

Sue Glas-Parrott said...

I LOVE this and great idea with the double layer of powernet for the bra! I am back into running again--I should never take a break as the older I get the more difficult it is to get back into shape and will have to pick up this pattern! I LOVE IT!!!

AmericanGrammy said...

Great top. I enjoy your posts a lot. For chiggers I always use nail polish remover on them - it kills the little chigger that burrows under your skin.

patsijean said...

Ice is good for chiggers too, and it settles down the itch for a while. I hate those little buggers.

Lynn said...

With your suggestion, I just might. It will be a first for me!

June said...

You are so funny! Great hint on the Powernet, I never would have thought of it. Sorry about the bite - nothing irritates like a bug bite that won't stop itching!

Angie said...

I've always enjoyed your pattern reviews and blog and I'm so inspired by your Jalie sewing!
I bought both the Cora and the Anne-Marie and I love that they both have
pockets. I was going to use the one in the top, but don't like my phone bouncing around either. Do you think the pocket on the leggings will work if I have a full, rounded booty? I'm not a serious athlete (have never used a gel in my life), but I've been running regularly for a few months and want to try my hand at making athletic gear. I think more fitted clothing will be more comfortable than the stained tank tops and basketball type shorts I usually wear, but am concerned about where to put my phone without pockets. TIA!

sarah said...

LOVE this!