Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Burda - 03-2008-114 The Pencil Skirt

It's cute! It's done! It was easy! Really guys! It was easy. Of course, it was a super easy pattern. Here it is on.

Sorry the pictures are so loooong but I hate headless pictures.

I'm happy the plaid mostly lines up.

The pleats are cute and really very easy. The Burda instructions did help me a bit here.

The back with invisible zipper.

The green lines are the actual things that I copied from the pattern. I added the seam allowances with my sewing machine. I read a tip from Debbie Cook where she talked about just sewing around the pattern lines using her sewing feet and the seam allowance lines on here sewing machine. Duh! Why didn't I think of that? I can sew faster than I can trace with a pencil and ruler. The extra white paper is for the kick pleat and the bottom hem. The white paper should go all the way to the right but I didn't have any more paper.

Here is the front pattern piece. I traced the pocket piece but, in the end, decided not to have pockets in it. The Burda directions say to flair the bottom hem and I could figure out what they meant. But then I started looking at my pattern. You have to flair the bottom piece so that when you fold it up, it fits next to the skirt.

I used an extra long zipper and cut it off. I finished the end with this extra fabric. I may end up taking it off because it is bulkier than I want. It adds a weird bump at a place where you don't want a weird bump.

A few questions to answer:
  • Paula- Don't be scared. But I would start with something easy first. Once you get the hang of finding the damn things on the packed piece of paper, it is easy. I didn't realize but the sheet of paper is color-coded. So my skirt was on section D and it was blue. Once you know you are looking for a certain color it just seems to pop out at you.
  • Kasizzle- I have a large, South-facing window that I use to trace. I hang up the Burda sheet with masking tape and then tape a sheet of newspaper over it. I get roll-ends from the local newspaper here. I just use a pen to trace out all the peices. Next time I will make sure I leave more space between the pieces to add seam allowances later. I added the seam allowances with my sewing machine but there are numerous ways to do it. There are lots of tips on And interesting one I may try is using two pencils taped together. You just make sure they are 3/8" or 5/8" (or whatever) away from each other.
  • Lindsey T- Do it!


Kat said...

The skirt looks great! I love that plaid too. I had a laugh over the headless pic comment 'cuz I'm one of those people that prefer headless pics and sheets as backgrounds. It must be a "visual ADD" thing for me because I have to look at the garment pic twice--once for the hairstyle and background, the second for the garment. And forget it if there's fancy jewelry and shoes! That means a third time for sure.

Paula Gardner said...

Dawn, good job on finishing your skirt. And so fast! You must sew like the wind! Never fear, I will be trying a BWOF pattern soon. I think Shirt 123 from the February issue.

Vicki said...

Cute skirt. I love Burda's patterns but the tracing can be a pain. Ottobre is even worse!

Anonymous said...

Excuse me for the weird question, but are you left-footed? You seem to be right-handed so the left footed thing is unusual. Or did you have a bad shoulder or hip injury at some point? Or maybe you're just wildly ambidextrous.

Did you know that animals also show hemispheric preferences? Sorry, I was remembering that because I have my one lefty (also unusual in animals) at work with me today.

Dawn said...

I'm not sure how one determines "footed-ness". I always seem to pose with my left leg bent but I don't know if that has anything to do with "footed-ness." If you are asking because of the tilt of the skirt, is is because of the pose. I am right-handed but I am left-eye dominant. That made it pretty difficult to learn to shoot a rifle because your right eye is looking through the scope and should be the dominant eye.