Friday, March 28, 2008

Simplicity 4081

Here is my latest project. I talked a bit about it on this post. The facing/hem/lining part did not turn out as slick as my mock-ups and I can't really figure out why. I will ponder and get back to you. Here are some pictures. I love the buttons. I think I'll sew them on as soon as I get some decent-colored thread. I have light green but that will not do. Comments are under the picture. All pictures are larger if you click on them.

The inside back of the coat. It is a 1" hem on the bottom. I think I like them longer than that. I'll have to change that next time.

Here is the back pleat I made to help out with shoulder rip out. I got the decorative stitch idea from Couture et Tricot. I've seen her do this several times on her jackets.

Here is the hem. I had to gather it because the outer fabric flairs quite a bit over the hips and you have to fold it up. I couldn't think of any other way to do this. Ideas?

Here is the hole where I turned it inside out. Once I am satisfies with how it hangs, I'll sew this up. I want to keep it open until I press everything.

The front. When they say fitted, they mean it.

The back. I think the wrinkle will go when I attach buttons.

I love these buttons.

Approximate placement of the buttons.

Inside lining of the coat. After I sew the buttons on and give it a good pressing, I'll see how it goes with my Burda skirt. They are both the same color green. I bought that fabric together because I thought it went so well together.


Adrienne said...

It's looking great!!

Kat said...

Your jacket looks great and such a nice fit! You are lucky to have a nice small waist and the jacket style emphasizes that. Occasionally I'll have the hip/hemline flare-out thing going on too. It's not something I like either.

Shannon said...

Your jacket is fabulous!! I love the colour - it looks great on you!

Paula Gardner said...

Dawn, the jacket looks fabulous. If the fabric is a natural fiber, you can try steaming out some of the fullness in the hem.

CraftRage said...

I love those buttons in a totally unhealthy way!! The jacket looks wonderful!

Dana said...

Your jacket is really nice and I love the buttons!