Friday, March 7, 2008

First Up Vogue 7283

In this post I showed you guys what I bought on eBay. Well the package arrived today and I couldn't stop myself from cutting into a muslin already. I am going to try this one first.

The description on the back is semi-fitted A-line dress has short raglan sleeves; jewel neckline or bias standing collar. Pockets in front seams. Self belt variations. I am making the collarless version.

This pattern is in great shape for being 30-40 years old.

I did my usual (I love being able to say that) adjustment of shortening the length between neck and bust by 1/2". Since this is a princess seamed dress, I had to do it 4 times. Front, side front, back, sleeve.

YUCK. This pattern is supposed to be for bust 32". My bust is either a 31" or 32" depending on when I measure. This pattern is way too big for me. I can grab inches of fabric. Like 4-6 inches of fabric.

So here is the big question, where do I take all that extra room from? Below is the seaming on the front. The lines are approximate because it is darn hard to see where the seam are on this fabric. If I mess with the princess seams I'll have to mess with the sleeves. But maybe that is okay since that dart is wonky anyway.


Unknown said...

I hate to say this, Dawn, but it looks big enough that a 1/2 inch here and there isn't going to make enough difference. I suggest taking it apart and scaling it down, then recutting it out. If you put "resizing vintage patterns" into the Google search engine, there are several tutorials that should be helpful. Best of luck with it.


BTW - I have your muslin fabric. I used it in a French Country Turkish Cross quilt. :) :)

Paula Gardner said...

I love your fabric! I hope you can salvage the dress because it looks like a great combination.