Sunday, March 16, 2008

Revamping Blog

So I made a few changes to the blog. Hope you guys like it. My inspiration was Lindsey T and her blog. (Thank you Lindsey!!) I wanted to make mine look less "template-y" and more me. I will probably change the banner again but wanted to make sure I knew how to upload a picture. It is a picture of Burda 03/2008. It is my first Burda WOF. It scares the pants off of me. More on that topic later. The banner is a grouping of patterns I have tried or want to try. For the blog, I changed the template from 'Rounders' to 'Washed Denim'. I wanted to use the 'Rounders' template because I like the round edges but it didn't work so well with the pictures and changing the width meant changing the corners and it became a nightmare. I really like this one for the simple edges and lines. I will probably be changing the width a little more. I really want the sidebar things to be in a smaller font but I will have to go in and change the XHTML in order to do that. The only options that Blogger gives you are to change all the font at the same time.

Anyhoo, thanks to everyone who has been stopping by. I am planning on updating my links to include all of you. :)

I am just happy as peach-pie to be done with my SWAP. And to tell you the truth, I thought the contest was over at the end of March. I'm such a dork.


Alex said...

I just discovered your blog the other day, and have been enjoying looking at all your wonderful projects.

The swap story board is truely amazing. I'm working my way up to actually making one, but I need to improve my sewing skills first!

Unknown said...

This looks awesome, Dawn. Great job!


Paula Gardner said...

Dawn, I can't see your banner. I can't see Lindsay T's banner either. I can see everyone else's, though. Lindsay is using (I think) the same template as you. I wonder if there's a connection.

Meg said...

I like! Before you go crazy over font sizes and other things, take a look at your blog on other people's PCs and a Mac or too. I am on a Mac at work with a monitor that measures 17" x 10.5" and your blog looks fine and readable as is. The sidebar font size is perfect.

But on my PC at home my blog fonts look ginormous, though on my daughter's laptop (PC) it looks normal. So check your blog out in several different settings before you go crazy.

And Paula, I don't know what's going on with you not being able to see our banners. You may be right about the blogger template. But Dawn's new banner is really cute!