Thursday, March 20, 2008

Other Burda Tips

I wanted to use this title, but it would have been too long: "Things I forgot in the last post that would help beginning Burda users".

  • There are no finished garment measurements so pull out patterns that already fit you and flat measure. Remember that Burda may have no SA depending on how you trace.
  • There are no bust points, hip, or waist marked on the pattern. ETA: There are waist markings on some of the patterns! I am working on a jacket that has them.
  • In each issue there is a "Sewing Class" section where they go step-by-step (like one of the big 4) through a certain pattern. This time it is Top 109. Those patterns are shaded pink to help the beginner find the pattern on the sheets. It is probably the best way to tackle your first Burda pattern.
  • This last time when I traced the pattern out I used two pens taped together. Even though it doesn't look it it, they are 5/8" apart at the tips. When you trace, it ends up looking like this. Next time I'll use two different colors and one will be the seam allowance and one will be the edge of the pattern. Fewer puzzles next time. These pictures enlarge if you click on them.

  • Before you take that giant Burda paper off the window (or however you trace) double check each pattern piece with the Burda sketch. It shows all the important notches and markings. If you forgot a marking it is easy to re-trace something. But it is a pain in the tookus to hang everything back up to mark a single notch or the center front or button placement.

I'll keep adding to this list as I think of things to help others. Hope it helps.


Paula Gardner said...

Dawn, Christina already made this top and wrote about it on her blog, You have to scroll down the page. You might want to alter the sleeves. It's a super cute top, though.

Meg said...

Okay, just as soon as there's a BWOF pattern I can't live without, I'm so there. I think that jacket in the March issue with the huge buttons and stand-up collar is pretty cute, but I need to finish my other projects before I can add that to my list. Thanks for the tips, brave girl!

Keely said...

I could have done with these tips about 15 years ago when I learnt to sew with Burda Baby and Topkids mags. ;)
BTW I've tagged you