Monday, March 10, 2008

Shhhh . . . I think I'm done with my SWAP . . .

Not officially yet or anything but all my pieces are done. Before I "officially" finish my Work In Progress at there are a few thing I want to do.
  1. Take pictures of all the combinations. This may take a while with all my "helpful" children. DONE, here is the picture of all of them together.
  2. Make sure, for the last time, that all the pieces go together. I'm not quite sure about the corduroy embroidered fitted blouse. I love the top but am not sure it will go with the brown skirt and wool skirt. DONE, they look fine.
  3. Maybe make a dress to go with the wardrobe too. This would not be hard. I have been itching to try the Kwik Sew Shealth again but without the buckles and belt. I think it would look very classy in a brown or wine wool crepe. Or even a nubby multi-colored wool? Something from Gorgeous Fabrics? DONE, decided not to.
  4. Re-vamp and update my storyboard. I have made only a couple of substitutions but it is currently out of date. DONE

Here is today's garment. It is not on my storyboard. Like I said, it is out of date. There will be more pictures and an actual review within the next couple of days.

This is Butterick 4549.

I love the bodice on this.

I used a purple zipper because it is all I had. It doesn't show when I wear it.


Paula Gardner said...

Congrats on completing your swap. It's no wonder, with all the excellent help you're getting. I can see your assistant making a last minute adjustment to your top on the second photo. Well done!

Dawn said...

Yes, "help" is what I call it too. :) I just hope that someday they can all sew some useful things.

Anonymous said...

I'm making this top at the mo. Very glad I did a muslin first! I cut a 10 but still had to take an inch off the bust and waist, & add an extra button to prevent gaping.