Tuesday, March 11, 2008

First Up Vogue 7283 - Take Three

After making and trying on the first muslin, I decided to compare the KS pattern that firs so well with the new pattern. Why didn't I do this first? Duh? Lesson learned. Here are some pictures of the two patterns. Hopefully later today I will be able to sew up, try on, snap some shots, and post my second muslin. Remember that the KS pattern used 1/4" SA while the Vogue uses 5/8" SA. KS is on the bottom and the Vogue is on the top. I lined up the bottom of the armholes and the waist lines.

This is the back. Pretty close, eh? But see the big dart on the KS pattern? I added it to the Vogue pattern.

Here is the front. I pinned together the princess seams on the Vogue pattern so I could see what the width was. No suprise here. Look at the waist on the KS pattern (underneath) compared to the Vogue. And look at the large dart in the KS pattern. I'll have to take a lot out of the front of the Vogue pattern if I want it at all fitted.

More later if I can get to the muslin.

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Meg said...

I'm eager to see how this dress turns out, because I LOVE that vintage pattern. Keep us posted!