Sunday, March 30, 2008

Burda - 03-2008-113 Flouncy Wrap Top

So, first off, I have to say that Burda is not dead to me. I wanted to give it another shot. I love the skirt I made earlier and this one isn't too bad.

So this one is a wadder but that's okay. It was my muslin to see if this top worked for me. I thought I looked too skinny in it but there are several people from the review who think it looks nice. So perhaps, I'll try it again. It did seem to have some Burda WOF weirdness but hopefully I'll work that out next time.

I like the sleeve split.

This overhang should not exist. I think if I remove the SA from the flounce, it woun't be a problem.


Kat said...

I think it looks great. I don't think people will think too skinny, but rather, "I wish I had that Runway body!" :) . IMO, there are two types of models: Runway models and SI models. Runway models wear all the elegant, haute couture fashions so that's where you at :) .

kasizzle said...

I think it looks great on you and I LOVE your fabric!

Paula Gardner said...

Dawn, the top looks really cute on you. You must be one of the best dressed teachers in Anchorage by now.

Ann Made Studio said...

The top does look very nice on you.
I would consider it a "keeper" :)
I like the style and the fabric.

Reethi said...

I really like it! And great fabric! I've been wanting to make this too!