Sunday, July 27, 2008

Anybody want these? Part II

(Updated 7/28)
I still have NL peasant blouses, NL skirts, S Easy Chic coordinates, B Lifestyle wardrobe for the taking.

Okay, here is what I have so far:

Janene: NL Jackets and S knit dress (got your address)
Elizabethe: S blouse and NL knit dress (got your address)
Leanne: S flouncy skirts, S Threads dresses (got your address)
Kristine: S boys pants/tops (I'll email you)
Myra: M dresses, B girls (I'll email you)
peaudane: V DKNY dresses (need your address)

If you are listed above please email me your address: info (at) cabinbaby (dot) com. If things change, I'll update this post. I'm not sure that Jenaveve wants to pay that much for postage so those two patterns may still be up for grabs.

I also have these patterns. They are out of print:

Also to answer a question on the last post: They are all the smaller size range. Sorry that I forgot to include that information in the first go-around.


Sara said...

Are you sure you won't regret giving away all these fabulous patterns? I'd love the DKNY knit dresses though!

Jenaveve said...

Hi Dawn,
That's okay, I'll give it a miss this time (there's a sale on locally so I should really get off my lazy butt and go down there!). Please re-offer them on your blog.

Unknown said...

Dawn - You Rock! May I please have the boys Simplicity pattern? Thanks so much, aside from a single shirt pattern, I have nothing for the little man! Email me for address:

Myra said...

Dawn, I will take the McCall's dress and girls pattern, if you are giving them away. Do you have any of the previous leftover?

lsaspacey said...

Oh, I though they had been given away already but I'd still like the NL peasant blouses/drawstring tops if they're still available. Thanks.