Thursday, July 3, 2008

Burda - 11-2006-130 Safari Dress

Instead of sewing practical things like pants and more t-shirt-y tops I thought I would sew this cute little dress. It is a petite so I'm not sure how that will change the fit. I will not do my shoulder to bust tuck seeing as there is probably less room in that area already. I have this cute turquoise flower print that I want to match with a brown and maybe a white. This is the line drawing with several possibilities. What do you think? I am thinking of making it short-sleeved. And I really have never had luck with a back facing pieces. I am planning to leave it out but not sure what to do about the front facings. They have to be there to finish off the zipper in the front. Hmmmmmm . . . tuck them into the shoulder seams? Use the back facing piece?? Sigh. They never work for me. They are always a dismal failure and stick up funny.

I was inspired by Blooms review at Pattern Review a few weeks ago. And then, a week ago I won this BWOF on eBay (along with two others -- woohooo!) and decided it was meant to be. I am planning on making the size 18 which corresponds to my measurements.

Whatcha think? I am leaning toward the short-sleeves with the white collar.
ETA: Thanks Melissa! She told me where to find the BWOF Workshops for making petite adjustments. I'll just do the opposite of what they did to un-petite it. It shows that on a bodice you would shorten the shoulder to bust height by 1cm and shorten the bust to hip area by 1cm. I will leave the shoulder to bust tuck but will compare the other one with another pattern. Thanks Melissa.


Melissa said...

Since summer is upon us, the short sleeve version would be great! However knowing that you live in Alaska, is it too chilly to wear short sleeves for very long? If so, then opt for the long sleeve - no help, huh?

About altering a petite pattern - on the Burda website they have workshops on how to do different alterations. There is one for making a garment petite, just do the opposite. I'd like to it, but I don't think my comment will go through. Go to and then click on the "service" tab (across the top) and once you're in the service tab, click on "workshops" on the left hand menu, and then on the workshops page it's the 5th item down. Good luck, can't wait to see what you make!

Rhoto said...

Hi Dawn!!
How did you DO that line drawing with your fabric?? Is there a tutorial somewhere for that? Did you use the drawing on the pattern or is this drawing "your figure"??
Always new "toys", eh!!
Warm greetings,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

Unknown said...

Everything you make is wonderful, so I'm shocked to find you doubting yourself! My vote: short sleeves, but... if the collar is the only white, it might look "off". Maybe make it brown too, or change another feature white like the the collar?

angie.a said...

This is SO cute. I love when new eyes look at BWOF back issues, because i always see something I never noticed before!