Tuesday, July 1, 2008

More on Fall Wardrobe

So I was checking out my favorite fabric store for inspiration and look at all the pretties I found:

All the fabrics have been linked so if you click on them it will take directly to the page over at Gorgeous Fabrics.
Swiss Dot Voile
Charcoal RPL
Jersey Knit
Tropical Pinstripe Wool
Wool Twill
Stretch Wool Twill
Jersey Knit
Jersey Knit
Silk Charmeuse!

I am a little bummed because I figured there would be a SWAP-type of thing over at PR for the fall but they only have a mini-wardrobe. I think I'll use that as a springboard to make my own SWAP type wardrobe for fall.


Adrienne said...

Beautiful fabrics. I hvae some of the same colors in my fall lineup.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the pantone link, what a great tool! By the way, DH loves his new shirt, although I didn't have the nerve to present it properly. He still gave me blessing to buy more shirtings, so I must've done something right!!!

Unknown said...

Ooh...your fabrics are gorgeous. I can't wait to see how your wardrobe shapes up. Do you have any patterns in mind yet?