Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Want to gain weight? I have the answer . . .

I have the answer for those of you who want to look like you packed on the pounds: make a very busy print into a busy dress. This is, quite possibly, the worst length for me too. This is BWOF 06/2008 #122 (I would like to link to it but Burda doesn't have June in the archives section yet). This skirt is part of my mini-wardrobe so I wanted to muslin it. That post does have the line drawing. I'm not sure about it now.

This is the dress in a lightweight stretch cotton. The description says, "lightweight skirt fabrics." I think they mean very lightweight.

Here are the ties. They are already gone. They were not thin enough and they did not knot nicely. They just added bulk around the waist.

Here you can see the gathers.

Here are the gathers from the other side. There is a slit that goes up to about mid thigh. I don't like that when you walk, you see the wrong side of the fabric.

We'll see if I can save this one. I plan on removing the ties, changing the pleating, and shortening it (a lot!). I think when I change the pleating I'll sew it down so that you don't get that flash of wrong side. If I decide to do it for my mini-wardobe, both sides look the same so it should be okay. I'm still debating. I may have to change skirts.

My other thought was to cut the pattern so that the gathers are not straight like above. I'll have to draw a picture of it. But, it I cut the gathers diagonally, when you fold it, the pleats would form more of a wave effect. Yeah, I'll totally have to draw it because I speak no Engrish today.


AllisonC said...

Oh no, I really want to make this skirt, will definitely do a muslin first. Hope you can make it work, maybe a plain fabric will be better so you can see the lines of the design.

Unknown said...

Check your email, I sent you the link for June BWOF line drawings!

Emily said...

I'm sorry this skirt didn't work out for you! I agree that I wasn't like in LOVE with it when I made it, but it was pretty comfortable and versatile, all things considered. I agree with you on the length -- I've been thinking I should shorten mine as well.

Anonymous said...

I was considering making this one also, but I thought it suggested linen?!
And BTW, I don't think it's packed ANY pounds on you. Not that it would matter! I WISH!

Dawn said...

Thanks Kristine!

angie.a said...

Well crap, I liked that pattern too, and if it makes teeny you look like you've gained weight I shudder to think what I would look like! :P

Do you have the 2/07 Ottobre for Women? I think it had a similar skirt in it, but with more of an A-line feel. (well, the 2/06 had a similar wrap skirt, but the 2/07 had the a-line with the cute belted tie) Both were shorter than this BWOF looks to be.