Friday, July 25, 2008

Burda 09-2006-142 Boys' Trousers

I made my son some pants and they turned out alright. I have long skinny kids and their pants are always falling down their butts. This pattern includes elastic in the waist so it was perfect. It includes a regular fly and tab closing. I used a bright orange zipper (orange is his Favorite Color) and a simple snap for the tab (I'm still comtemplating the snap press).

Here you can see the back with elastic.

I added cuffs to the inside of the pants so that I can re-hem them out if he suddenly grows 4".

In other news, I received some beeeee-you-tiful fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics. Can you tell I'm on a purple kick lately? Sheesh. From l-r, sweater knit that is two-sided, 100% cotton that Ann calls cotton "Noile", dark purple tweed. I think I will use the brighter, pinker side of the sweater knit. The "noile" is kind of like linen. I'm totally not sure how to use it but I like it. The purple tweed is to die for. I will totally will be getting more of it for a suit or something. I love it!
This is a close-up of the sweater knit. The color is more accurate in the first photo but the texture can be seen in the second photo.


Anonymous said...

very nice, i like the pants that look better than "alright" to me! lol nice pattern for everyday wear. thanks for sharing, i have to keep that one in mind for my little fella.
and the purple fabric IS beautiful. Fancy!

Unknown said...

Beautiful fabrics, I'm eager to see how working with the sweater knit goes. Regarding the pants, how was the sizing? I'm about to make DD pants from the 6/2008 issue... Great idea for the cuffs!

Lambert Pattin said...

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