Monday, July 7, 2008

Burda 06-2008-123 Neckband Tutorial

The directions for the neckband in BWOF for this top are a little confusing. I did it this way and figured it would be easier to show you with pictures instead of words. Angie.a. also wrote a little ditty about this but mine involves no handsewing.

1. This is after you have attached the shoulder trim and the yoke sections. At this point you should have front attached to interfaced front band and back attached to interfaced back band.
2. Attach the front band by sewing it to the interfaced front band, RST, at the neck edge. Do the same for the back.
3. Fold the bands together RST and sew the small section just until you get to the front. You can see in the picture below what I mean. This means you only sew 2-3" for the back and 4-5" on the front. (Up to this point, everything has been the same as Angie.a.'s tutorial)
4. Turn the front neckband right side out. Leave the back one inside out. See below.

5. Slide the front band inside the tube created by the back band.

6. Make sure the edges are even and then sew around in a circle like you are setting in a sleeve. The picture below makes it look like you sew all four layers together; DON'T. Excepting the seams, you should never sew more than two layers together at any point here.

7. Clip seam allowances and turn back neckband right side out. I would double check everything is in the right place before you clip the seam allowances.

Hope that helps.


Christina said...

Very helpful - thank you! I cut out my fabric tonight, hopefully get to the sewing part later this week.

Kat said...

One of my tops I made within the last year uses the same technique. You are right about not sewing through all for layers--ask me how I know ;) !

angie.a said...

Brilliant Dawn!