Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mini-Wardrobe Contest

Well, another one is starting on August 1st at The rules are interesting:

3 different types of clothing (skirt, dress, pants, etc.)
3 colors
4 distinct outfits for the outcome

Here is what I am thinking so far. The two purple tops would go with the skirt and both could go over the dress. I am not sure I really like BWOF 07/08. I may have to go back through and find a different jacket; maybe something more fitted and structured (any suggestions??)? It is this fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics. She has the best stuff. The skirt would be black crepe I have in my stash. The leopard print is a stretch sateen I have already. The sweater knit is coming from Gorgeous Fabrics too. I think the purple sweater would look great over the dress and the necklines would work well together. I always screw up on the necklines. This time I made sure to keep that in mind while I was choosing patterns.



Gorgeous Things said...

Gorsh, thanks Dawn! I love that purple tweed. I have it myself and I'm going to make a skirt from it. For a jacket, how about something like this Vogue Basic Design?
Vogue 7975? I made the View C, and I had fun with the trims. I did a three part series on it for Sew Stylish. You can see the series here: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

I love your mini wardrobe!

Anonymous said...

Dear Dawn:

This is completely off topic, but I have been waiting to get my computer back online to write...I recently moved to a VERY remote part of Maine without a grocery store much less a sewing store! Knowing that you live in Alaska and sew alot, what is the best way to get simple things like thread and zippers not to mention great fabric. You helped me out a few months ago with the zipper tutorial right before we moved, thanks again. Any helpful tips would be much appreciated! myrcrew

Adrienne said...

Love your plan so far. I have no suggestions though lol. I have no clue what I'm doing just yet lol You are so far ahead! lol

angie.a said...

I'm loving the purple!! And the skirt is one I'm dying to make too. No suggestions from me either, haha :D But I do LOVE the pop of leopard!

Unknown said...

Looks great, Dawn! So glad you mentioned the contest, as I had no idea, and would love to participate. Getting ready to start on my first BWOF garment, wish me luck... thanks for the inspiration to start!

angie.a said...

I don't know, you're 7th graders may think you're uber cool with a leopard dress, HA!! :P What did you pick out for the dress instead?