Saturday, September 20, 2008

Burda 05-2008-125 LBD Muslin

I decided to do a muslin for this dress to see if it qualifies for LBD. I think it does. This muslin certainly has some problems. First and foremost, I screwed up on my right and left so the gathering is on the same side. Oops. The gathering is supposed to be on different sides on top and bottom. I think that will help with the gathering "bumps" I have. There is a picture below to show you what I mean.
I know it's black. Sorry. You can't really see the details. This is a cheapy poly suiting woven from Joann's. I actually melted it a bit. Oops. I drew in the gathering lines so you can see them.

It has a full skirt and then an overskirt. The overskirt is gathered and then sewn into the front side dart. There is a second shaping dart under the overskirt.

I used my lovely dressform for the first time to pin out back darts and it worked like a charm. I just threw a zipper on it so I didn't try very hard. The zipper ends (complete with bubble) right at the most protruding part of my butt so it looks funny. You can see that the front gathering gives you a little extra in the front. I think it will be better when both sides of the gather are not on the same side.

Right now, I am making myself a pair of paints out of the 09/2008 BWOF. It is this pair. Hopefully, I'll be done tomorrow. :)


Anonymous said...

That dress is so lovely. You always do a fabulous job on your projects.

marysews said...

When is the big event? These pix show that a new bob for your hair would be a good thing!