Monday, September 1, 2008

Burda 09-2008-114 Retro Dress/Jumper

Can I just say that I love this dress? I love the chevroning stripes. I love the fit (except for some wrinkles in the back). I love it. All photos are much bigger but I made them small here so this page would load faster. Full review here at PR.

My girls who couldn't resist the photo shoot.

The runner's butt.

My husband said he will help me make a Duct Tape Double so I can make proper darts.

Click to make this larger. It shows how to do those tricky corner seams.

I interfaced the bias center with Whisper Weft for a little stability. I don't like Whisper Weft, by the way. It leaves glue residue on my iron every time I use it. If I use a pressing cloth, my pressing cloth sticks to the fabric.

Look Ma! No boobs! If you have some, do an FBA. It's not tight on me but if I had breasts, I'm not sure where they would go. Maybe these are runner's boobs?

I think I have purged myself of my dud-ness.


Rhoto said...

You're a HOOOT!, Dawn!! Nice jumper/dress!!
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

angie.a said...

bwhahahaa!!!! I don't run, so that must be why my boobs and butt look NOTHING like yours. kthanxbye.


ps...dh just wants to tape you up. He's probably hoping you'll pull out another sexy BWOF jacket in your undies photo shoot.

Anonymous said... do you work so quickly??? It's like an outfit a day!

Imaan said...

I was just about to ask, HOW DO YOU DO this with three kids? And work (cabinbaby)?????

I have two under 3, and work full time, and ...just don't seem to find the time!!! any tips?

Also, until hubby makes you are sewing space, what are you using?

Anonymous said...

Fantastic fit! I hadn't even realised this was sized for Petites, how annoying (for me!).

Do you think you could share how you did your runner's butt alteration? I haven't got a swayback, but I've noticed my bum is definitely, umm, perkier since I upped my mileage recently and just this week I had to take in a wedge in the CB seam of my TNT trousers for the first time ever, so maybe I should look into this. It's not something I'd heard of before, but from one sewing runner to another, I'd be grateful for a tutorial if you get the chance!

Unknown said...

I'm with Angie on this one, she read my mind... completely! And Imaan, we sew when the babies are sleeping. I can't speak for Dawn, but I've learned how to make the most of even 15-30 minute opportunities! Nice job, Dawn... as always!

Anonymous said...

I love your brown shoes! Can you tell me who makes them?

Karen said...

I think you've definitely recovered from your slump here. Can't believe you've FINISHED that dress already while I'm still drooling over the magazine - and that dress in particular. I haven't even gotten the tracing paper out yet!

Thanks about the FBA warning; I don't generally do them but I thought the fit on this one might force me. Darn.

Now if I could just convince DBF that taping me could be fun, as well as useful. He can't get beyond it being some weird sewing thing. Silly man.

Anonymous said...

That dress is so cute!!! I just sort of passed over that pattern until I just saw it on you. I definitely want to make it now.

Ann Made Studio said...

Your dress looks GreaT. I just received my magazine today and that was one of my was nice to see yours done up. Your choice of fabric brings out the front style lines much better than a solid colour. Good choice! :)

Cennetta said...

Cute dress and adorable little ones.